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AirForce Central Vacuum Parts - Attachment Kits

Air Powered Vacuum Kits for AirForce

PLEASE NOTE: Replacement Kits for AirForce are unique and only available by calling MD Manufacturing directly. The hose in the regular kits will not work with the communication system in an AirForce vacuum. Please give us a call today and we will be glad to help you understand your needs and provide you with product options.

Deluxe Kit with TurboCat Vacuum Brush
The Deluxe TurboCat Kit includes the popular air-driven TurboCat brush and helpful industry standard accessories. Try it for 30 days. Multiple hose options.
$309.00 - $427.00

Axis Central Vacuum Attachment Kit
The Axis Central Vacuum Kit is ideal for cleaning hard floors on a budget. Contains industry standard accessories perfect for hard floors. Multiple hose options.
$83.00 - $159.00

Quick Clean Kits
Easily clean spills and quick messes with the easy-to-store stretch hose and basic tools perfect for quick clean ups.
$82.50 - $83.00

Central Vacuum Garage Kit
Durable kit with accessories perfect for cleaning your garage, vehicle, porch, RV, and many other outdoor surfaces. Various Hose Options.
$46.00 - $100.00

Electric vs. Air-Driven Kits

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Electric vs. Air-Driven Kits

Electric Kits Air-Driven Kits
  Electric Air-Driven
What's the difference?
  • Activated by electrical motor
  • Require an electric hose
  • Quiet operation
  • Unparalleled carpet grooming
  • More air-flow for deeper cleaning
  • Picks up larger items
  • Turbine activated by air pressure
  • Can use any vacuum hose
  • Loud whine when operating
  • No electricity needed
  • Basic carpet cleaning
Who is it ideal for?
  • Homes with lots of carpet
  • High pile carpet that needs grooming
  • Anyone who needs to vacuum large debris on a regular basis
  • Homes with minimal carpeting
  • Low pile carpet that needs basic vacuuming
  • Anyone who needs an economical cleaning solution

The Most Important Difference
The biggest difference between air driven brushes and electric brushes is the size of the opening that the air flows through. Air powered brushes, such as the Turbocat, have a narrow opening of about 5/8" compared to the 1-1/4" opening in electric brushes. The air powered brush requires a smaller opening to force the air through to spin the turbine and roller brush, but it means that less items and debris are able to pass through. Everything that is vacuumed up in an air driven brush is passed through the turbine fan, meaning that larger items (i.e. paper clips, small rocks, etc.) can jam or even break the turbine. However, the air turbine brushes are not weak- a considerable amount of force is required to stop one that is operating properly. Electric brushes have a non-restrictive air passage, so more objects (including items like quarters and popcorn) are able to pass through the brush while it delivers more air flow to the carpet.

How Carpet Dirt is Removed
There are three factors needed in order to adequately clean carpet and remove embedded dirt. First, debris is exposed by opening up the nap, or fibers. Second, you need air flow in order to channel air from behind an object to get it into the air stream when passing over the carpet fibers. Third, some objects cling to the carpet and need bristle action to actually pull them away. Without all three factors, your carpet will never truly be clean.

The Electric Advantage
Price is the last big difference between air driven and electric brushes. While air driven brushes definitely cost less, carpet is usually one of the largest investments homeowners make, making the up-front cost difference of an electric kit easily justifiable. Electric brushes are typically quieter and provide more consistent, deep cleaning because they are operated by an independent electric motor. The Stealth takes electric cleaning abilities even further with an amazing belt protection system, longer bearing life, superior edge cleaning, and top user satisfaction.