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Hard Floor Turbo Brush
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Rethink HARD FLOOR vacuuming! Let the soft and powerful cleaning action of the Spin-Pro Turbo Brush whisk your hard floor surfaces to life like never before! This brush takes central vacuum cleaning to the next level and the smart design works great on all hard floor surfaces. Clean more, clean deeper, clean smarter using the power of ANY CENTRAL VACUUM. Watch the video to see it in action. The suction from the vacuum system spins the roller brush WITHOUT A BELT OR TURBINE. As long as the brush is on a hard surface it will spin and clean. Lift the brush up off the floor and it will stop spinning. This product does not work on carpets or throw rugs.

  • No internal turbine to damage. Air flows across the brush roll causing it to rapidly spin.
  • Easy-release lever for roller maintenance
  • Only spins when applied to the floor
  • Great at removing debris on hard surfaces, textured tiles, grout lines, etc.
  • Super soft and durable bristles are gentle on all floor surfaces
  • Rear wiper blade prevents kickback of debris
  • 4 Small rubber wheels for easy maneuverability
  • 10 inches wide, 2-1/4 inch clearance

See the Spin-Pro Turbo Brush in action! Check out the product demo below:

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

May 18 2017 3:50PM
I bought the Spin-Pro Turbo Brush. It would not work with my Central Lux hose and I did not have an adapter. Even though I could not use the product the service was fantastic. MD promptly refunded my money and did not hassle me at all. I highly recommend MD vacuum!.

5 Stars
Jan 2 2017 8:15AM
I have purchased several different accessories over the past several years, but this is the first one with a moving brush. It works great! The extra motion helps it clean the floor better.

5 Stars

Dec 29 2016 6:14PM
Love it. I have large tile with small grout lines and it works great.

5 Stars

Oct 5 2016 11:17AM
Works wonderful in our house. We have various hardwood floors and lino. Works as advertised. We do have a large Samoyed dog who sheds a lot. As with all our vacuum appliances we have to pick the long hairs out of the wheels but we expect this.

5 Stars

Sep 27 2016 5:05PM
Love the attachment. Very efficient and works perfect on hardwood floors.