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Brand New! The Response CT10 QuietDrive from Cen-Tec is the ideal solution for a multi-surface home. The CT10 moves freely and easily over hardwood, tile, and stone, as well as carpets and rugs.

The CT10 uses 3 different types of cleaning materials to effectively clean the different surfaces of your home. The first material is designed to deep clean carpets, the second is a soft material that conforms to the uneven surfaces found in stone and tile floors, and the third is designed to polish the surface as you vacuum. CT10 features a shutter system with a soft bumper that moves up when you are vacuuming against tight corners, baseboards, or stairs.

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Response II CT10 Compatibility Information

IMPORTANT: The brand new CT23 requires a proprietary wand to connect to its neck. Here are the purchasing options:

CT10 Alone: If you already own a CT10 or CT23 then you have the wands you need.

CT10 with Lower Wand: Fits upper metal wand that has a little metal button lock nipple.

CT10 with Integrated Telescopic Wand: Fits standard electric hoses with the following measurements:

If you are unsure, please call one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives and they will be happy to assist you.

Check out the CT10 video!

The CT10 includes many other popular features, including:

  • Very lightweight at only 1.5 lbs
  • Electric powered, but very quiet, even over hard floors
  • Double swivel neck to maneuver into tight spaces
  • Extremely low profile- great for fitting under furniture
  • Soft molded wheels, pads, and bumpers prevent scratching of hard floor surfaces

CT-10 Response Manual

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Mar 21 2017 4:08PM
LOVE this power head! Does EVERYTHING the video shows. My kids love it too because they say it's easier for them to use to get their chores done fast and right. I've only had it for less than a month, but I'm VERY pleased with my purchase... and so are my kids!

5 Stars
Jun 7 2016 1:49PM
Light, easy to adjust to different lengths and has an adjustable opening for those jobs requiring less suction (as in vacuuming drapes).

4 Stars
Feb 24 2016 8:04AM
Love this brush, just wish it wAs a bit wider. I have a lot of floor space.

5 Stars

Dec 24 2015 2:01PM
This is the best accessories I purchased. I use it to vacuum all corners and around baseboards that really removes dust on my carpets. I have plush carpeting and I am able to move freely and easily over my plush carpets with no problem. I can vacuum all my carpets and oriental rugs and believe my oriental rugs are plush; this tool does a wonderful job. Also does a great job on tile and linoleum. You will not be disappointed purchasing this electric brush.

5 Stars

Aug 23 2015 8:27AM
I love using this new power brush! True to its name it is much quieter than my previous drive and gets in more places because it's lower and more mobile. It saves me time because I don't have to change heads between hard surfaces and carpers and is easier for stair cleaning. Only caution - check the brush after each use. I didn't and found that pet fur and material got wound up around the brush and its' post, preventing it from spinning. Took me a while to clean it all off.