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Stair Tools & Vehicle Kits for Your Central Vacuum

Use these unique tools with all Central Vac Models to easily clean and detail your stairs, car, boat, or RV. The Rugrat is a must for vehicles and carpeted stairs. It spins and grooms out hair and embedded dirt. Use a dusting brush to easily clean car a/c vents and dashes.

Stair Tools & Vehicle Kits for Your Central Vacuum
The Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine is meant for cleaning stairs, furniture, and vehicle interiors.

The 6.25-inch wide Mini Hand Turbine air driven non-electric beater brush is helpful for cleaning stairs, furniture, cars, and more. Watch the video for more info.

All the power of your large carpet brush in a compact, easy-to-use, 6-inch wide vacuum. Perfect for stairs, sofa, cushions, dog beds, and more.

Crevice Brush Central Vacuum Accessory
The Crevice Brush has been shaped for the way people clean. Great for cleaning a variety of surfaces in your home. Available in White, Black, and Antimicrobial.
$12.63 - $15.22

Deluxe Dusting Brush for all Central Vacuums
This 3.5-inch wide brush is perfect for dusting and vacuuming all kinds of surfaces and hard to reach places. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$6.55 - $7.72

6-inch Upholstery Tool with Brush Strip
This small upholstery tool is perfect for small clean-ups, sofas, cars, stairs, and chairs. The removable bristle bar allows for more cleaning options. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$7.75 - $8.59

Mini Vac Attachment Set for all Vacuum Hose
Take a look at other specialty vacuum products here.

Product Description: Clean Hard to Reach Places with Micro Vac! Always useful for detailing the car, woodworking power tools, computer, shelves full of knickknacks, and more - at home or at work. It comes with adapters to fit every vacuum hose - even shopvacs - and features a long reach with multiple attachments. A thin crevice end, a thin round brush end, and a "wide" brush end work wonders on the tightest places you have (or haven't) vacuumed.

Crevice Tool
The Crevice Tool is great for vacuuming in very narrow places such as window tracks, behind the sofa, the carpet along the baseboard edge, and tight places inside the car.
$5.79 - $6.60

18-inch Plastic Wand
Connect several of these 18-inch Plastic Wands together to dust rooms with high ceilings. Use two for hard floor brushes. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$4.35 - $5.75

30ft Car Accessory Kit
The Fast Clean Car and Garage Central Vacuum Kit contains accessories perfect for easily cleaning your vehicle and garage. Includes a 30 ft hose.

30ft Central Vacuum Garage Kit Accessory
Durable kit for with accessories perfect for cleaning your garage, vehicle, porch, RV, and many other outdoor surfaces. 30 ft Hose Option.

The 30ft Ultimate Central Vacuum Garage Kit
The Ultimate Garage Kit includes a number of accessories that are ideal for detailing cars and RVs, cleaning workbenches, shelves, and more. 30 ft hose option.

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