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Air Powered Kits for Your Central Vacuum

Why Air Kits?

Many vacuum systems installed by home builders are missing the most powerful tool for carpets designed for a central vacuum - a power head. These kits include everything you need and are a cost-effective way to vacuum hard floors and short to medium length carpets. If you have medium to high length or high-density carpeting, you should consider an electric kit instead because they have the additional power to clean deeper than an air powered kit. Note: if you already have a hose and wand that are still in good shape, you may only need the air driven vacuum brush head.


Nearly all central vacuums, no matter the brand, are "plug-and-play" with any of the air kits below. See the bar below for details. Note that air driven brushes rely on the main vacuum's suction to spin. The more powerful the suction, the better the cleaning action. Take a moment to read the kit overviews below and take a look at the Air Kit Comparison Chart. Each kit has a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Want to upgrade to electric power, but think it's too complicated?

Adding a Battery Powered Brush Kit to your vacuum system makes this simple. A battery powered brush provides the same, great deep cleaning of an electric power brush and is just as quiet. The battery is rechargeable, allowing you to vacuum your home for many years. The battery is also replaceable, so once it finally fails, you can replace the battery without replacing the entire kit.

Air Powered

Air driven vacuums utilize a turbine using the vacuum suction to spin the belt and roller brush.

Air Powered Turbine in Central Vacuum Air Kits
Air Powered Kits for Your Central Vacuum