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Air Powered Kits for Your Central Vacuum

Air Powered Turbine in Central Vacuum Air Kits

Air driven vacuums utilize a turbine
using the vacuum suction to spin
the belt and roller brush.

Why Air Kits?
Due to builders cost savings, many vacuum systems are missing the most powerful tool for carpets designed for a central vacuum. What's amazing is this tool fits right on the hose and wands already in use. Though this page is about kits, you may only need an air driven vacuum cleaner head alone. A complete kit, though, may be better if the current items are aging. They offer a cost-effective way to vacuum and groom short to medium length carpets. That said, consider an electric kit for even deeper cleaning if you have carpet in high traffic areas.

YES! 99% of central vacuums, no matter the brand, are "plug-and-play" with any of the air kits. See the bar below for details. Note that air driven brushes rely on the main vacuum's suction to spin. The more powerful the suction, the better the cleaning action. Take a moment to read the kit overviews below and take a look at the Kit Comparison Chart. Each kit has a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Air Powered Kits for Your Central Vacuum
CX1000 HAH Kit
The CX1000 Kit features a new battery-powered vacuum brush along with industry standard accessories. Test drive it for 30 days.
$499.00 - $657.00

Deluxe Kit with TurboCat Zoom
The Deluxe TurboCat Zoom Kit includes the top-of-the-line air-driven TurboCat Zoom brush. The kit includes option for easy-to-use Low Voltage Hose with an on/off power switch and helpful accessories.
$363.00 - $467.00

Deluxe Kit with TurboCat Vacuum Brush
The Deluxe TurboCat Kit includes the popular air-driven TurboCat brush and helpful industry standard accessories. Try it for 30 days. Multiple hose options.
$309.00 - $427.00

Combo Central Vacuum Attachment Kit
The Combo Kit features the dual purpose floor tool ideal for basic cleaning of hard floors and short carpet. Includes accessories great for basic cleaning. Various hose options.
$85.50 - $149.99

Axis Central Vacuum Attachment Kit
The Axis Central Vacuum Kit is ideal for cleaning hard floors on a budget. Contains industry standard accessories perfect for hard floors. Multiple hose options.
$83.00 - $159.00

Basic Central Vacuum Attachment Kit
The Basic Central Vacuum Kit is ideal for anyone without any major carpet to clean. Contains industry standard accessories perfect for hard floors. 30 ft hose included.
$54.00 - $127.00

Quick Clean Kits
Easily clean spills and quick messes with the easy-to-store stretch hose and basic tools perfect for quick clean ups.
$82.50 - $83.00

Central Vacuum Garage Kit
Durable kit with accessories perfect for cleaning your garage, vehicle, porch, RV, and many other outdoor surfaces. Various Hose Options.
$46.00 - $100.00

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