Electric Powered Kits for Your Central Vacuum

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Why Electric Kits?
Owning an electric kit is like winning the lottery for a clean home. You are instantly blessed with a cleaner carpet and indoor environment. The electric motor in the vacuum brush allows for deep, consistent carpet grooming and a more penetrating air flow than air driven turbine vacuums. Electric vacuum heads are also much quieter, break less belts, and have more features. The electricity is supplied through a lightweight hose with a pigtail electric cord. See the graphic to the right for more information.

YES! 99% of central vacuums, no matter the brand, are "plug-and-play" with any of the electric kits below. See the orange bar below for details. Every central vacuum on the market can simply upgrade without any modifications. Take a moment to read the kit overviews below and take a look at the Kit Comparison Chart. Each kit has a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Direct Connect Hose and Corded Hose
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Direct Connect or Corded Hose
Available for Electric Kits
Electric Powered Kits for Your Central Vacuum
Stealth Central Vacuum Kit
Part #423G30-Stealth
For nearly 20 years, the Stealth Central Vacuum Kit has satisfied thousands of homeowners with excellent long-term cleaning and benefits. Try it for 30 days.
$580.00 - $590.00

Response Kit
Part #429GRP
The Response Kit features the new CT-23 vacuum brush along with industry standard accessories. Includes 30 ft hose. Test drive it for 30 days.
$416.99 - $508.99

Complete 360 Deluxe Kit
Part #427GRP
The new Complete-360 Platinum Plus Kit features the top-selling EBK 360 vacuum brush along with industry standard accessories. Test drive for 30- days.
$512.00 - $564.00

Ace Central Vacuum Kit
Part #425G30-Ace
Ace Vacuum Kit features the durable Ace electric brush. The Ace and included accessories are compatible with all central vacuum systems. Test drive for 30 days.
$466.00 - $477.00

BlackHawk Attachment Kit
Part #420G30-BlackHawk
The BlackHawk kit features an effortless electric vacuum and industry standard accessories. Try it out for 30 days.
$364.00 - $375.00

CX1000 HAH Kit
Part #461GRP
The CX1000 Kit features a new battery-powered vacuum brush along with industry standard accessories. Test drive it for 30 days.
$499.00 - $603.00