Mesh Filter for Secondary Motor Protection

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Mesh Filter: SilentMaster, MD, FloMaster

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Some central vacuums utilize a secondary filter in case the primary filter fails. The Mesh Filter acts as an excellent secondary filter. It is sturdy enough stay in place and not be suctioned into the motor. It is very durable and will keep the dangerous debris out of the motor should the main paper or cloth filter fail (The motor will survive finer debris going through it). This filter can be used on bottom emptying units as well as top emptying. Remove the primary paper or cloth filtration and set this filter in place up against the motor plate. The motor plate is where the motor sits on the other side but the suction hole is visible. It can also sit up against a screen and act as a better filter than the screen. Only one of these filters is needed. In some models one Mesh Filter replaces three mesh/foam/mesh filters (such as Silent Master, MD, Modern Day, Flo-Master, and Air Flo). The Mesh Filter can be cut to shape as needed for some models such as Vacumaid and Nutone which may have a smaller diameter.

Filter is sold individually, is 14-inches in diameter and about one inch thick.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Mar 15 2016 5:22AM
We received the filter quickly. Works perfectly. Having the new filter significantly improved the system's suction.

4 Stars
Nov 1 2014 5:23AM
Big enough to cut the needed size. Would have been nice if it had a strap sewn onto middle for pulling it out when cleaning it.

4 Stars
Apr 18 2014 11:17AM
Arrived in great shape. I believe the cream mesh filter will result in improved operation.

5 Stars
Oct 7 2013 8:42AM
This new filter made a difference in the power. The suction was stronger.

5 Stars

Sep 19 2013 5:28AM
Very helpful and quick responce