Centra Exhaust Filter Bag for Central Vacuum

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Centra Exhaust Filter Bag for Central Vacuum

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Attaches to central vacuums and filters the dust out of the exhaust, but is NOT TO BE USED with filter-less systems, only with bag or filtered systems. There is too much dust coming out of cyclonic systems and it will clog the filter and damage the motor. The Centra Exhaust Filter attaches TIGHTLY to a central vacuum fitting such as a coupling or 90-degree elbow (something with 2-3/16 inch outer diameter). Overall dimensions are 11.5" long, 4.5" wide, and 4.5" tall (tapering down to the other end). Change the Centra Exhaust Filter about every third emptying of the cycle, or when it gets darkly discolored. Enjoy a healthier environment today with the Centra Exhaust Filter! Filters down to 1 micron size!
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4 Stars

Apr 10 2016 9:55AM
Great filter bag.

5 Stars
Feb 7 2016 10:45AM
Filters work great for my Beam central vac.

5 Stars
Dec 11 2013 8:48AM
Low priced -- exactly what I needed to filter exhaust pipe of central vac system.

5 Stars

Aug 6 2011 9:45AM
An excellent product that works as advertised. Since my central vac unit is in my garage, this does a great job of keeping fine dust from the exhaust off my cars etc. The only drawback is that it doesn't seem to be washable or cleanable so, when the color changes, you have to replace.

5 Stars

May 14 2008 6:11AM
My Kenmore central vac was just installed in the garage, and I had noticed lots of small dust everytime I would vacuum. Not a problem anymore. Will buy again once my stock of bags is finished.