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Replacement Belts for Your Central Vacuum

Replacement Belts for Your Central Vacuum
Belt TurboCat, II, Plus, TL-2000, TP-210, T-210
Belt for TurboCat, II, Plus, TL-2000, TP-210, Vacuflo, HD-1990, RD-1990 Belt, Turbocat Vacuflo, and T-210. They are all the same brush and have the same replacement parts.

Belt for Hayden Vacuum Cleaner (and many others)
Replacement belt for Hayden Super HAY202, HAY300, PowerMate, CT-14, CT-16, Electroglide, VM454, VM380 Nutone CT700, CT600, CT650, CK350, and CK355

Replaces belt in Beam Rugmaster, Beam Rugmaster Plus, Beam Rugmaster II, Beam Classic, Beam 155301, BM1197, BM1176, and more.

Belt for some Electrolux vacuums.

Belt for BlackHawk Vacuum Cleaner
Cogged Belt for BlackHawk Vacuum Cleaner (NOT FOR EHA-PB12 but is for Dust Care Power Nozzle PB11).

Belt for Stealth Vacuum Cleaner
Belt for Stealth Vacuum Cleaner. Part # 126 in the Stealth exploded diagram.

Belt TurboCat Zoom
TurboCat Zoom Poly V Belt fits all models including all TurboCat Platinum, Onyx, TurboCat EX and TurboCat Pro.

T21 Turbine Brush belt is no longer available.
It was a cogged belt 5/16" wide, 6-3/16" long when flattened, and the distance between cog peaks is 1/8". We recommend replacing the obsolete T21 vacuum cleaner head with the TurboCat Vacuum Brush which is a direct replacement to the T21. The TurboCat has a much lower profile allowing it to get under more furniture. Additionally, if you have wall-to-wall carpet we highly recommend replacing your T21, hose, and tools with a brand new Electric Attachment Kit, which will fit your vacuum system without any modifications and groom your carpets better than ever - compared to the air-driven vacuum head. Learn how your system works with an Electric Vacuum Kit.

Poly V-Belt for Electric Brush fits Ace, Quietdrive (CT20, all models), Panasonic, and Kenmore Whisper-Belt.

Belt for TT-27 Vacuum Cleaner
Cogged belt for TT-27 Vacuum Cleaner.

Belt for Eagle Vacuum Cleaner
Cogged belt for Eagle Vacuum Cleaner.

Mini Electric Belt
Belt HEB-160 for Mini Electric. Instructions available. Central Vacuum Experts. 1000s of Reviews. Local Dealers.

Roller Brush for Rugmaster, Eureka, and others.

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