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Rug Tool with Tines

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Question: What is the best way to clean deep shag carpet or high pile carpet when a typical vacuum head sinks down and stops rotating?

The high pile shag carpet, often make by Shaw, Tufftex (Tuff Tex), Sutton, CabinCrafts, Couture and Queen, and others and is known as Shaggy Sheik, Casabella, and Peilcan Hill II and more.

The tufts are about 3/8" in diameter and about 3/8" apart from each other and about 2.5" long (other varieties vary). This carpet is too thick to use a roller beater brush on and one shouldn't be used for the carpet's own protection (just ask the manufacturer).

So how do you clean a high pile shag carpet? Use this awesome new tool which actually rakes the carpet while it sucks from the center of two rows of long, stiff, plastic wire fingers. This tool is also called "Rug Tool with Tines". It will help loosen the debris and suck it out of the carpet! In fact many of these long carpet manufacturers recommend "the use of a suction only vacuum for pile construction that is sensitive to brushing or rubbing [by beater brushes]".

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5 Stars

Apr 26 2017 11:03AM
This product is great with my Bissell. I have a very high shag piece of carpet and it does the job I need it to.

5 Stars

Jul 13 2014 5:27PM
Excellent product.

4 Stars

Oct 9 2013 6:44AM
works fairly well - this is not a beater bar, so things aren't vaccumed the same, but works nonetheless. Made my carpet clean without beating it to death!

5 Stars

Oct 7 2013 8:53AM
This is a unique and valuable tool. I actually use it after carpet cleaning, as well as for vacuuming. We have a deep pile carpet and I have long been frustrated by the inability of typical brush heads (even one as great as the Stealth) to get the long fibers to stand up well in order to suction dirt from them. I am very glad this tool was offered - we use it all the time.

4 Stars
Nov 7 2012 12:10PM
Makes the carpet look great but still feel I need to use the beater brush to get all dirt trapped in my heavy shag carpet.