TurboCat Vacuum Power Head

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TurboCat Air Driven Brush for all Central Vacuums
  • White/Blue TurboCat
  • Black TurboCat

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The top selling TurboCat non-electric, air-driven turbine central vacuum cleaner for all central vacuum systems. Use any central vacuum hose with Turbocat, they are all compatible - guaranteed.

Vacuum pressure spins the turbine and beater brush for deep carpet grooming. Use non-button lock bottom extension wands to connect the hose to the TurboCat (wands are not included). Power head is 12.5-inch wide.

This TurboCat is made by HP Vacuflo (SKU 8695) and is the exact replacement for all colors of ANY power brush that looks like it including the following model names TurboCat II, TurboCat Plus, TL2000, T210, TP210, TurboCat V, Turbocat Vacuflo, Ultra TP210, VM179B, VM179, and Turbine Power Heads #7160, 7161, 7210, RD1990, and HD-1990. Confusing, yes, but there is only one power brush and it is sold under many different names.

Complete 30-day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

TurboCat Accessory Kit Options

The advantage of an air driven turbine power head is they run without electricity and fit on every central vacuum hose in any system.

TurboCat Parts - Wheels, Neck, Roller, Turbine and much more.

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5 Stars

Mar 15 2017 2:12PM
New Vacuum head works great. Their customer service was A-plus in helping us locate the part replacement part we needed.

5 Stars
May 9 2016 10:26AM
My central vacuum is aging but with the new vacuum power head it's working great. It's exactly what I needed. The shipping was very fast.

5 Stars

Apr 1 2016 2:32AM
This power head was bought to go a 45 year old central vaccum worked great .would recommend

5 Stars

Mar 12 2016 4:46PM
amazing device. works great

5 Stars

Mar 2 2016 7:53AM
Incredibly fast service and item arrived just as described. I highly recommend MD Central Vac.