TurboCat Zoom Turbine Power Head

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TurboCat Zoom Air-Brush for all Central Vacuums

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TurobCat Zoom EX
The TurboCat Zoom is the latest updated version of the industry standard original turbine driven TurboCat. It is quieter than the original turbine head due to it's Poly V Groove belt and it sports a more modern look. If you want to upgrade from the original, the TurboCat Zoom fits into all the same applications and hoses. If you don't have a carpet going head we offer you to try this vacuum for 30-days for a full refund if you don't think it is amazing. It fits all central vacuum systems on the market.

The TurboCat Zoom EX (picture right) and TurboCat Pro are the exact same brush as the updated TurboCat Zoom 8702 sold here. Zoom has shipped in a variety of colors and names but be assured this is the replacement for them all.

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TurboCat Zoom Accessory Kit Options

TurboCat Parts - Wheels, Neck, Roller, Turbine and much more.

The advantage of an air driven turbine power head is they run without electricity and fit on every central vacuum hose in any system.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Feb 18 2019 6:35AM
Best prices! Quick shipping and quality products!

4 Stars
Jan 20 2019 6:10PM
I see a few comments about a high pitched whine with this product. I bought a house with one of these - and it has worked well for a year. Recently it developed this high pitched whine. I'm trying to figure out if I need to replace it, or it's fixable. I'd appreciate any help you can provide in solving this (MD Notes: It may be time to check the belt and roller brush / bearings to clear out any debris that may have become wrapped around- see owner's manual for instruction and regular maintenance tips)

5 Stars

Aug 28 2018 12:43PM
Very pleased with my new TurboCat attachment. It is more quiet then my old one. The new attachment makes me feel like I have a brand new central vac. It works great!

4 Stars
Feb 13 2018 9:11AM
We bought a house that had central vac. Wanted to replace accessories. MD had the perfect replacement package. Arrived on time in perfect condition. Worked seemlissly with our existing system. The reason I can't give a 5 rating is the carpet head accessory is extremely loud. A very shrill noise. My dog runs for cover!

4 Stars
Feb 2 2018 6:35AM
Works fine. There is a bit more space between the bottom of the head and the floor, which in my case is great in that I had to modify my older turbo cat because of newer, thicker carpet. Neither head is adjustable as to height which I find a bit disconcerting. My older head, being just a shade lower, made it impossible to vacuum the newer rug. In order for it to work I found some small 2" I think, round plastic disks (the kind you put under furniture to make it easier to move), that had adhesive tape already on the product and placed them on the bottom of the head, just behind the roller brush. This caused the head to raise off the floor about 1/4 inch, enough to allow me to properly and easily vacuum the floor. This new head is already about 1/4 inch taller. I would give it 5 stars, but compared to my older head, this one seems to be a bit thinner plastic, maybe made a bit cheaper.....time will tell. Just a few weeks worth of use, all is good.