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Mini Electric
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Enjoy a sparkling clean home with the Mini Electric Vacuum Cleaner. All the power of your large carpet brush is now in a compact, easy-to-use, 6-inch wide vacuum. It is truly the finishing touch and compliment to your electric vacuum and electric hose. Why stop at your carpet when Mini Electric makes all fabric cleaning just as easy! The Mini Electric brush is a great add-on to any central vacuum system with and electric hose (110 volts to power a vacuum head). No other brush like it exists. Perfect for stairs, sofa, cushions, dog bed, and more.

The Mini Electric power brush is a small motorized vacuum accessory with a huge impact. Typical non-electric vacuum-powered versions are very loud and bulky due to the turbine design. Thankfully, the Mini Electric from MD Vacuum is ultra quiet, more powerful, and has a slim design (read the testimonies). It spins at 5000 RPM and has an automatic shutdown to save the belt.


The Mini Electric vacuum brush can be used with all brands of central vacuum systems that have a 2-pin (3/8" apart) connection at the hose handle.

Mini Electric Brush Parts and More

See the Mini Electric Vacuum Cleaner in action! Check out the product demo below:

Perfect for All Fabrics!

  • Carpeted Stairs
  • Sofas, Chairs
  • Pet Beds and Hair Everywhere
  • Mats & Throw Rugs
  • Cars & RV's
  • Under Furniture, Hard to Reach Places
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Latest Top Reviews

4 Stars

Aug 31 2018 10:49AM
I bought this to vacuum my large bathroom mat/run (it's 6'x5' and full of powder and hair). Other accessories didn't work, but this one does. Also useful for getting under the bed and around some furniture. The only annoying thing is that to get it completely flat so can go under bed is I have to turn it sideways so the connection to the hose is flat.

5 Stars

Aug 7 2018 5:07AM
Love this attachment. Cat hair disappears from stairs and furniture like never before.

5 Stars
May 1 2018 8:07AM
Great addition to our system - just what we needed to properly clean carpeted stairs.

5 Stars

Apr 18 2018 8:51AM
Fun unit to use. It removes animal fur from dog beds and furniture.

5 Stars

Apr 2 2018 6:48AM
Plugged in to my hose just fine and does exactly what I want: stairs!