Stealth Vacuum Bumper

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While vacuuming your carpets protect your furniture and baseboards with the VacuBumper. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and scuffs by simply adding an inexpensive, soft, and durable bumper to your Stealth head. It is easy to apply and backed with our Satisfaction Guarantee. VacuBumper makes cleaning quicker and cleaner! Simply attach using included Velcro strips. Washable. More information about VacuBumper.
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4 Stars
Jan 30 2017 3:24PM
One of the velcro attachments was damaged, we worked around it, but the bumper does not fit as well as it should even if the velcro did work correctly.

5 Stars

Oct 13 2015 12:08AM
This is a great idea! It protects furniture from scratches and prevents scuff marks on baseboards.

5 Stars
Apr 6 2015 9:06AM
Really helps protect baseboards and furniture!

5 Stars

Feb 25 2015 7:28AM
Easy installation. Hope it saves the woodwork maintanence of the past.

5 Stars

Jan 27 2015 10:46AM
This is a great product to use if you value your furniture. There's nothing worse than seeing dinged up furniture legs inadvertently damaged by a vacuum. The bumper is thick and nicely protects surfaces from nicks and gouges. I should have bought one of these years ago.