Radio Frequency Controls for Your Central Vacuum

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Radio Frequency Controls for Your Central Vacuum
Part #145VKT
Control your RF915 Radio Frequency using this RF915 technology key fob. Easy to program.

Part #145VKK
Bypass the low voltage wire control in any vacuum system using this receiver and key fob.

RF 915 Receiver
Part #145VR
RF 915 Receiver provides a low voltage connection to turn the vacuum suction on-off.

Part #145VRP
RF 915 Signal Repeater extends the reach of the low voltage signal in large homes.

RF 915 AutoMitter
Part #145VA
Use this stand alone transmitter as part of the RF915 central vacuum wireless control solution. Compatible with any central vacuum system.

RFX Central Vac Wireless Remote Kit (not RF915) Part#145

This product is no longer available but here for customers to find and be educated on the latest technology. See the RF915 Remote Frequency (RF) controls for the easiest way to bypass damaged low voltage wiring and remotely start your vacuum unit. Click here for RF915 components.

The RFX range was similar to a vehicle key fob - about 150 feet depending on wall thickness and barriers. The 400 mhz was sufficient for nearly all homes. Each receiver was programmed separately so you can have multiple systems in adjoining homes and condos. Extra key fobs are still sold separately. Not compatible with LV11 parts.
PDF of RFX Instructions

Part #145KT
This is the remote control key fob for the RFX Central Vac Wireless Controller.