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NOT AVAILABLE Vacuum Hose Switch Replacement

4.70 Stars
4.70 / 5 Stars
Hayden Vacuum Hose Switch Replacement

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NO LONGER AVAILABLE THIS SWITCH IS NO LONGER PRODUCED, NEITHER ARE HAYDEN PRODUCTS. Please call us for a compatible hose evaluation and for complete kit replacements that fit directly with your system.

This switch was a central vacuum hose handle switch, a three way switch, rocking backward and forward. It replaced the Hayden Vacuum Hose Switch (and that hose was used with many brands). View the #342S Wiring Diagram

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We're sorry. This product is no longer available.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

Jan 28 2016 8:46AM
Great service and product. Shipped quickly and saved my central vacuum hose for going to the trash bin.

5 Stars

Mar 26 2015 9:33AM
Easy to change, exact fit,

5 Stars

May 29 2014 2:41AM
Perfect replacement part to fix my 9 year old Hayden system.

4 Stars
Apr 6 2014 6:23AM
Good service, but it's not the same switch, this is a good replacement.

5 Stars

Jan 8 2014 6:38AM
My husband searched for a replacement part four our vacuum cleaner for awhile. I found MD Central Vacuum and ordered the switch. It is perfect! Not only is the service great they ship to Canada.