Adapter for 3-prong Cords

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Adapter for 3-prong cords.

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Adapter fits on 3-pin power brush cords (that are not manufactured any longer) and fits into a new 2-pin-hole hose such as the Electric Hoses that start with the numbers 351, 352, 353.
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Part #352GBA
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5 Stars

Nov 29 2016 10:23PM
Five star all the way, tried to get this locally , they hemmed and hawed , finally said give us you name and phone we will see what we can do, You really need NEW HOSE and POWER HEAD ..... I found MD Central ordered the part and in days it was delivered and back in service !

5 Stars
Feb 7 2015 10:16AM
No problems. Thanks.

5 Stars

Aug 6 2014 4:12PM
In order for this not to be too long (as several other reviews state), the part the pins protrude out of must be placed just inside the hose handle. Take out the screws to separate the handle halves, plug this adapter into the hose receptacle, then move the assembly back so the handle, once reassembled, retains the adapter. Perfect fit!

5 Stars

Jul 18 2014 8:02AM
As advertised.

4 Stars

Apr 30 2014 5:49PM
I had to use a knife to take off a piece of the adapter to get it to fit, but it worked admirably for 3 years until it failed last week. The two pins started to short and then pulled out of the plug. However, my older power head is still going, so I'm going to order another if I can!