Fuse Plug for Electric Hose (cuff and 2-pin plug)

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Fuse Plug for Electrical Hose Direct Connect

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Can be used either as a conversion kit to swap out a pigtail cord to a two pin direct connect, or used as a replacement kit for two pin direct connect. Includes cuff, one 2-pin plug (with molded-in 5 amp diode/fuse) with one male pin connection (to connect to the yellow hose wire) and one female slate connection (to connect to the white hose wire), and instructions and tiny slat to convert the white wire from pin to slat (older hoses have two male pins instead of the modern one pin, one slate configuration).

Compatible with Hoses that start with Series XY on hose cuff, and hoses with a circle and a P with a squiggle stamped on the hose cuff. Polarity is white wire on I and yellow wire on II.

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5 Stars

Mar 28 2017 3:18PM
The Fuse Plug was exactly what I needed to replaced the defective hose fuse plug. I had no problem installing it. It was even better than the original plug. And Thank you for your prompt delivery.

5 Stars

Jan 26 2017 7:32AM
very knowledgeable customer service. works great

5 Stars

Nov 15 2016 5:31AM
I was very pleased with the process of ordering and receiving your product. It went smoothly and efficiently. I received the correct part quickly and was up and running in no time. I appreciate the marketing literature you included in the box and put your sticker on my unit. I won't have to do an internet search again to find you-brilliant. Thanks. :)

5 Stars

Apr 6 2016 2:20AM
Working great

5 Stars
Dec 31 2015 9:01AM
Thanks for your prompt service. The parts were exactly what I needed to get my hose repaired.