Fuse Plug for Electric Hose

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Same as the #352CP (minus the cuff). Note that this newer version has a slat and a hole instead of two holes. Part contains a molded-in 5 amp diode/fuse. Polarity is white wire on I and yellow wire on II.
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Part #352FPP
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5 Stars

Oct 28 2015 5:12AM
It took me longer to diagnose the vacuum hose and figure out that this was the part I needed, than it took to replace it! The item worked fine and my vacuum hose is fixed. Your shipping costs were too high ($8) though for such a small item. You could have used a padded mailer.

5 Stars

Oct 13 2015 5:55PM
Replaced it and vacuum is working fine

5 Stars

Sep 30 2015 6:10AM
Hard to find piece and you guys had it, shipped it and we are back in business!!! Thanks!

5 Stars
Sep 16 2015 5:27PM
Perfect fit into my 2002 hose, good service , I'll be back.

5 Stars

May 29 2015 7:34AM
Fast service, quality product. Shipping was a bit expensive consodering the size of the part.