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Basic Hoses for Your Central Vacuum

Basic Hose Wall End

Made from the most durable, lightweight, crush-proof plastics and supported with a 3-year warranty.

The Wall End
All Basic Hoses have metal around the entire wall end or a complete ring of metal around the end. When the vacuum hose is inserted into the inlet, the suction automatically starts. For the added convenience of turning the suction on and off at the hose handle, we highly recommend upgrading to a low-voltage hose. The diameter of the hose end is just under 1-1/2 inches and there are adapters to fit non-standard vacuum inlet valves.

The Handle End
Basic Hoses do not have a traditional handle but rather an elongated and angled arm. They usually are friction fit and not locking. The connection end is 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch diameter. Again, we highly recommend upgrading to a low-voltage hose for a more comfortable grip, and better control (no kinks).

Basic Hoses for Your Central Vacuum
Parts for Basic Hoses
Looking for switches, plugs, cords, handles, adapters and more for a generic Basic Central Vacuum Hose? Visit our Basic Central Vacuum Hose Parts Page to see your options or give us a call and we can walk you through your questions or issues you may be having. Call 1-800-997-2278.
Basic Hose End - Wall Inlet Compatibility

Basic Vacuum Hose Wall End

The Basic Central Vacuum Hose is compatible with all wall inlets that are 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. If it is narrower or wider we have adapters. 99% of all wall inlets have two metal nubs inside the hole. The Basic Hose doesn’t have a switch on the handle end, so by simply inserting the hose end into the inlet the metal makes contact with both metal nubs, thus starting the suction. To stop the vacuum, the hose must be pulled out of the wall valve. (You cannot get shocked from the metal nubs inside the inlet valve hole, there is only a small amount of voltage and no amps.)

The Right Hose for You? Consider a great upgrade for a few dollars more.

Basic Vacuum Hose Handle End

Nearly all systems ever installed will work directly with the Basic Vacuum Hose and with so many hose lengths available, you can maximize your cleaning. The only real drawback to a Basic Hose is the lack of a swivel and on/off switch at the handle end. That means the hose will want to kink as you pull it and lacks the convenience of controlling the suction at your fingertips. If either is a deal breaker, consider upgrading to the Low Voltage Hose for just a bit more money. It makes a world of a difference. Wherever the Basic Hose is used the Low Voltage Hose can always be used in its place.