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Basic Central Vacuum Hose
  • Basic Central Vacuum Hose
  • crushproof with no problem
  • pliable and easier to handle

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The standard Basic Central Vacuum Hose is a tremendous value. In the past, central vacuum hoses were not as smooth on the interior and had narrower diameters. That equates to less suction going through the hose and more time spent vacuuming. All that has changed. A new central vac hose delivers a lot more suction, making the home cleaner and vacuuming faster. Replace your basic hose with the new standard Basic Hose and gain the upper hand in your chores.

Extend Any Central Vacuum Hose!
Use any Basic Hose to safely and easily extend any central vacuum hose. Vacuum the car, porch, patio, eves, entry ways, and more! Simply slide the Basic Hose over the metal tube on your existing hose.

The Basic Hose Features:

  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose Protects Home
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store
  • 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses*
  • Metal Hose End
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Fits 1-7/16" to 1-1/2" Diameter Inlets
  • 30-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Having a functioning central vacuum is a necessity, and having one that is more convenient is a real bonus. Consider upgrading to the Low Voltage Hose (the low voltage hose has features that take the frustration out of dealing with a long hose such as fewer kinks, a handle, air flow adjustability, and a switch to conveniently turn the suction on and off).

*After 2004 the interior of the hose increased to 1-3/8" diameter and was made smoother for maximum performance.

Basic Hoses for odd-shaped valves

All accessories are compatible with the Basic central vacuum hose. Accessories, wands, and brushes sold separately.

Looking for parts? See our Basic Hose Parts.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Jun 14 2017 5:26AM
Runs circles around my previous hose.

5 Stars

Jun 13 2017 5:24PM
Excellent replacement part for my central vac. It's actually nicer than the original that came with it. Very satisfied with the product and speedy delivery. Thank you.

5 Stars

Mar 16 2017 6:08AM
When we purchased our home it came with central vacuum - and up to recently the hose and parts that were left behind worked. But recently the hose wasn't sucking even though my husband is a handy man, we couldn't get it to work. We Googled the brand and was brought to this site, bought 30 ft hose, and accessories. It arrived sooner than I expected, I hadn't vacuumed in over a week so I was anxious to try it out. Its amazing how much lighter in weight it is and how flexible. Super happy with our purchase. Thank you MD Central Vacuum!

5 Stars

Feb 27 2017 11:31AM
I love the extra 10 feet that this hose has. It makes so much difference. My last hose was only 25 feet and a bit smaller in diameter,

5 Stars

Dec 5 2016 2:12PM
I'm really happy with the basic hose I bought. I have no idea how old the old hose was, at least 20 years, I'm sure. The new hose does have more suction, it reduced the noise and is much lighter so it moves through the house much better.