Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets

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Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets

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Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets are the homeowner's choice for central vacuum system care, no matter the make, model or year! Simply vacuum a sheet or two directly through the hose at each vacuum wall inlet. Each container contains 25 sheets which travel through the hose and pipes and stay in the main unit. Everything is cleaner, air is flowing faster, and the system smells fresh!

Benefits of Using Free Flow Sheets
Your central vacuum system is a major built-in appliance with long pipe runs that would be very difficult to replace if damaged. It is essential to take care of them even if they have never been serviced. The average home has over 1000 feet of pipe throughout the walls, attic, basement, and soffits. Free Flow is the quick and powerful way to keep your system clean and maintained.

What Do Free Flow Sheets Actually Do?
When suctioned through the hose end according to the directions, Free Flow Sheets clear the inside of the hose and pipes as they travel to the vacuum unit. Their volume and speed force larger objects such as pens, batteries, match box cars, rocks, hair-fuzz balls, jewelry, and sticks to the main vacuum unit. Free Flow Sheets are the perfect balance of density and moisture. As they travel they are also wiping the surfaces. The powerfully pleasant scent leaves the entire system smelling clean and fresh including the exhaust of the main unit because the sheets simply remains there.

Do they ever clog your pipes?
If your system is developing a tough clog, this product should push it all through, but there is a chance it could get stopped up even more. However, that may not be a bad thing as sometimes clogging the pipe can help the vacuum build pressure to force the difficult mess through. If it can't push it through then the clog was bound to be a problem anyhow, yet we have methods in our trouble shooting guide for resolving it.

Product Change
First quarter 2015 the product was changed from Tornado Power Maintenance Cloths to Free Flow Maintenance Sheets. They are essentially the same product.

Items forced out of the system using Free Flow Maintenance Sheets.

Actual items forced out of a single system using Free Flow Maintenance Sheets.

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

Jun 19 2017 6:53AM
Had not cleaned the pipes since installed nine years ago. System clogged in main run to the vacuum canister. Tried causing suction to remove the clog and a snake wire didn't work, Used a a full maintenance sheet which also got clogged. Snaked the full sheet out and tried half a sheet. Cleared the clogs and now it have so much suction the throw rugs actually come off the floor. The system runs like new. Thanks

5 Stars
Jun 14 2017 11:07AM
This product is pretty great! It pulled out tuns of dirt just laying in my pipes for many years. And the suction is so much better now!

5 Stars

Feb 21 2017 5:24PM
awesome awesome, These cleared lines and left a great smell. My central vacuum has worked this good in 8 years

5 Stars
Feb 15 2017 5:06PM
Glad to discover this cleaning product. It also smells great.

4 Stars

Jan 27 2017 3:08AM
Gave them a try. Not exactly a "roto-rooter" if you have clogs, but at least get the bigger stuff. If nothing else, do a great job at deodorizing the unit and air in the garage where the unit is mounted. 16 years of dog hair odor - gone.