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Stealth Electric Hose from MD

4.70 Stars
4.70 / 5 Stars
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
  • Central Vacuum Electric Hose
  • crushproof with no problem
  • pliable and easier to handle
  • ergonomic gas-pump style handle
  • 360-degree swivel at the handle
  • 2-pin direct connection style

Product Details

Stealth Electric Vacuum Hose from MD Vac for all Stealth Vacuums.

This very durable, high quality, electric hose is available in 30ft and 35ft lengths. Replacing your Stealth electric hose is necessary when it is old and not working properly. If you want to make sure this hose is the correct replacement then click the blue box for some measurements.

Stealth Vacuum Installations have Universal Wall Outlet Valves
When your vacuum system was installed, the hose and tool set may or may not have matched the brand name of the main vacuum unit. That's perfectly fine because 99% of central vacuum systems are universal. Regardless of brand, the wall outlets in 99% of systems are fundamentally the same and work with any number of hoses, attachment sets, and vacuums.

Stealth Electric Hose Handle End Compatibility. Connecting Stealth Accessories and Wand.
Central Vacuum Electric Hose Handle End
The handle end of the Stealth electric hose has a three-way switch, a right, left and middle (off) position. The two-pin electrical connection is the front of the handle, under the metal stub tube, and is flush with the surface. The metal stub tube that slides into the wands has a button lock nipple two inches away from the handle end. And for your comfort, the new hose comes in a "gas-pump" style grip for comfortable vacuuming.

Guaranteed Quality and Durability
Compared to older hoses, the Electric Central Vacuum Hose is crushproof, lighter, and increases suction by up to 27%. If there is an issue with your new hose we will replace it for free, and we make the process easy and painless. Our customer service is highly rated with all our homeowner customers.
Call us if you need any help 1-800-997-2278.

Stealth Electric Vacuum Hose Features:

  • Dual Voltage Switch Controls Suction & Electric Head
  • Ergonomic Gas-pump Style Handle
  • 360-Swivel to Prevent Kinks
  • Crushproof, Pliable Hose Protects Baseboards & Furniture
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store
  • 110-volts to Power Electric Beater Brush
  • Interior Diameter is 1-3/8" for 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses
  • Air Flow Adjustability with Convenient Bleeder Valve
  • Durable Metal Hose End
  • Full 3-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Don't forget to pick up a hose sock to protect your baseboards. All central vacuum accessories fit this electric central vacuum hose.


Looking for parts? See our Electric Hose Parts.
Electric Central Vacuum Hose Troubleshooting

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Aug 14 2019 6:51AM
The people on the phone were helpful and I got exactly what I needed. Thank you!

4 Stars

Aug 6 2019 10:56AM
I purchased this as a replacement for the 18 year old AB-27 hose that came with my Beam whole house system. It is about 3 or 4 feet longer than the original which is quite convenient and stops me from having to move the hose so much. It also is kinkless which is a large blessing. The one negative is that the hose nozzel does not connect with the receiptical on the metal vac tube which connects to the carpet brush head with one motion. Now, I have to connect the gas pump nozzle to the gas pump nozzle then plug in the power cable to the nozzle head. Not a huge deal but inconvenient. When I get some time I will search for a metal tube that will connect with the gas pump handle with on motion. For this reason, I give it four stars.....well, maybe 4 3/4.

4 Stars
Jul 11 2019 11:08PM
website was easy to understand no hassles is what I wanted

5 Stars

Jul 9 2019 5:16AM
Received replacement hose in timely manner, but missing was the adapter plug that I needed in order to use the vacuum. I called and it was sent out promptly. Price of the hose was 2/3 of what I would have to pay at Beam store. The vacuum is working great and I am pleased.

5 Stars
Apr 23 2019 8:20AM
Wonderful! Feels like I have an increased air flow!!