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Low Voltage Hoses for Your Central Vacuum

Low-Voltage Hose Wall End

Made from the most durable, lightweight, crush-proof plastics and supported with a 3-year warranty.

The Wall End
A Low Voltage Hose will always have two metal plates on the wall end of the hose. There are no electrical cords or pins in a Low Voltage Hose. The metal plates are separated by plastic, and when the vacuum is connected to the inlet, the plastic separator should be in the upright position. When the metal plates make contact with the two metal contacts inside the inlet, low voltage will be provided to the hose. The diameter of the hose end is just under 1-1/2 inches and there are adapters to fit non-standard vacuum inlet valves.

The Handle End
Low voltage power comes to the switch from the wall connection. When the switch is engaged, the vacuum suction starts. Low voltage hoses only have a single rocker switch for simple on or off suction control. The industry standard stub tube (1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch diameter) connection allows the hose to slip into extension wands.

Low Voltage Hoses for Your Central Vacuum
Parts for Low Voltage Hoses
Looking for switches, plugs, cords, handles, adapters and more for a generic Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose? Visit our Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose Parts Page to see your options or give us a call and we can walk you through your questions or issues you may be having. Call 1-800-997-2278.
Low Voltage is Not Electric - Which hose do you need?

A Low Voltage Hose can turn the suction on and off but cannot power an electrified power brush (a vacuum nozzle with an electrical cord or pins on it). The switch on the Low Voltage Hose handle only rocks on and off. By contrast, an Electric Hose has a switch with three positions, the middle being the off position. Both Low Voltage and Electric hoses are available in a variety of colors, handle shapes and styles.

Low Voltage Hose End - Wall Inlet Compatibility

Low Voltage Vacuum Hose Wall End

The Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose is compatible with all wall inlets that are 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. If it is narrower or wider we have adapters. Give us a call. How does the switch work? 99% of all wall inlets have two metal nubs inside the hole. A hose without a switch starts the vacuum by simply inserting the metal hose end into the wall inlet making contact with both metal nubs. The Low Voltage hose keeps those low voltage nubs separate, allowing the switch to start and stop the suction. (You cannot get shocked from the metal nubs inside the inlet valve hole, there is only a small amount of voltage and no amps.)

"Switch" to Low Voltage Hose Convenience

Low Voltage Vacuum Handle Switch

The largest number of satisfied central vacuum owners use a hose with an on/off switch for their cleaning chores. Nearly all central vacuum systems can upgrade to a better hose without having to change anything in their system. If your hose doesn’t have a switch, simply buy a Low Voltage Hose and realize all the convenience. If the doorbell sounds or the phone rings, simply turn the suction off at the handle. There is no need to run back to the wall to pull the hose to stop the vacuum. Some owners ask if the vacuum lasts as long if it is constantly being switched on and off. Answer is, the vacuum is not affected by it, it can actually be turned on and off thousands and thousands of times.

Longer and Shorter Lengths Available

You can maximize your cleaning with a variety of hose lengths. A forty or fifty foot hose will go incredibly far, even to driveways, and porches, or past them. Your central vacuum can pick up a lot of things so why not use it for the job? Don’t worry about clogging the pipes, remember that the tightest turn in the system is right at the wall so if something is too long it will not go through. It will get stuck right there where it is easy to retrieve. Besides the long hoses, there is also a 25 foot one available. This size is handy to use in high-traffic areas that need more than the once a week sweep. A shorter hose is easier to handle and store, and it will actually have a bit more suction for deeper, faster cleaning.