Padded Zippered Hose Sock Cover

4.60 Stars
4.60 / 5 Stars
Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover
  • Padded Zippered Hose Sock - Blue
  • Padded Zippered Hose Sock - Gray
  • Padded Zippered Hose Sock - Periwinkle
  • Protect your furniture legs

Product Details

Fully padded, washable, and easy to install, the beautiful blue or gray Zippered Hose Sock Cover fits on all central vacuum hoses. It's like a soft sleeping bag for your central vacuum hose.
  • Protects Baseboards and Furniture
  • Glide Easier Over all Surfaces
  • Insulates Hose Noise
It is simple to install, and the high quality zipper is hidden and protected. All covers are designed to expose at least one foot of hose on each end. As with all our accessories and parts, there is a 2-year warranty.

Manufactured by Plastiflex

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Dec 20 2018 10:34AM
Very easy to install, helps keep the hose from catching and kinking.

5 Stars
Nov 19 2018 7:55AM
Easy to install

5 Stars

Nov 15 2018 7:53AM
This hose cover is fantastic. Zipper makes it very easy to install with and it looks very nice. Keeps the hose from tangling and the walls from getting scuffed. A must have for central vac users!

5 Stars
Oct 7 2018 10:47AM
Went on with no issues, makes it easier to slide the hose around the house.

4 Stars

Sep 6 2018 11:17AM
This is a great addition to my house vacuum. It makes it quieter and it protects the walls and furniture from the hose. I just wish I would have bought this when I had my vacuum system installed.