Stretch Hoses for Your Central Vacuum

Stretch Hoses for Your Central Vacuum
Stretch Hose 5-STAR Reviews
"It's perfect for touch-ups and nice not to have to pull the big giant hose out."
"I just love it! Use it all the time for quick clean ups. I can`t believe it stretches so long, great product!"

Stretch Hose Compatibility

The Stretch Hose fits into all 1-7/16 inch to 1-1/2 inch diameter vacuum wall inlets, which is in 99% of all central vacuums, no matter the make, model or year. The suction starts when the hose is plugged into any basic or electric wall inlet. The small, 5 pound hose stretches as you make fast work of any quick clean-up. Vacuuming the kitchen daily is now a simple chore! When done, simply pull the hose from the wall valve and the suction stops. Toss it in a small drawer nearby for the next use.

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