Amazing Stretch Hose for Quick Clean-ups

4.50 Stars
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30ft Stretch Hose for Central Vacuum Cleaners
  • 7ft - 24ft Stretch Hose
  • great for quick clean-ups
  • small and compact - easy to use
  • video

Product Details

Finally, an Easy-to-use Central Vacuum Hose!
The 7-foot Stretch Hose can stretch up to 24 feet and is a perfect way to utilize your existing system for quick clean-ups without getting out the long central vacuum hose! Excellent for the mudroom, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, entries, pet hair and litter, spills, pests and bugs. The small, 5-pound hose stretches as you make fast work of any quick clean-up. Vacuuming the kitchen daily is now a simple chore! Toss it in a small drawer for the next use.

Stretch Hose Features and Benefits

  • Stretches 7 to 24 feet!
  • Easy to Store, Retrieve and Use
  • Cleaner Home with Less Hassle
  • Use Your Extension Wands and Accessories

Fits 99% of All Systems!
The Stretch Hose fits into all 1-7/16 inch to 1-1/2 inch diameter vacuum wall inlets no matter the make, model or year. Adapters are available for odd sizes. There is no on/off switch on this hose as it is for suction only, not electricity. The suction starts as soon as it is plugged into the inlet valve and turns off when unplugged.

Order the Stretch Hose along with wands and floor tool in a Quick Clean Kit.

See the Amazing Stretch Hose in action! Check out the product demo below:

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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

Apr 5 2014 1:48PM
This is a VERY useful, handy product. You will be very pleased you bought it.

5 Stars

Apr 17 2013 2:17AM
This is a must have in our Motorhome/Coach for it reaches every corner of the 40ft bus. We installed an outlet in the bay for cleaning the bays and our tow car. This is the only choice to make if you own a Motorhome. Cheer,Cheer MD. Ours is 5 years old and going in a Motorhome is precious so this takes very little space.

5 Stars
Jan 2 2013 7:38AM
Exactly as described - great for quick cleanups of upholstery etc.

5 Stars

Jan 1 2013 3:36PM
it is great for doing quick clean ups but does not fit hole. we had to make our own

4 Stars

May 26 2012 8:37AM
I bought this hose three years ago for occasional use along with my full length 30' conventional hose. I have pretty much stopped using the conventional hose, and use this one for 95% (literally) of the vacuuming in our cape. It is MUCH easier to handle and store, and so small I can leave it out but hide it behind a small piece of furniture. The ONE problem I have had with it is that because I use it so often and often at full length, the ends of the hose (where it is 'screwed into' the fittings split (the plastic body in between the wire coil). My 'fix' has been to snip off the split part which I have done several times now and so the overall length of the hose is diminishing. I'd love to be able to buy a coupling and a piece of hose to extend it rather than just replace the entire thing...(MD NOTES: Thank you for the insightful review. This much use will wear it out quicker as you noticed. But you have made the right fix. At some point a new hose will have to be purchased, though, because adding two hoses together has a couple of major issues. First they will not stay together well as a hose coupler is intended for normal hose, and second, with that long of a Stretch Hose there will be too much airflow loss for any worthwhile vacuuming.)