Exhaust Vent Door for Central Vacuum Pipe

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Exhaust Vent Door for Central Vacuum Pipe

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Installed on the outside of the home to exhaust the power unit. This is not needed with M.D.'s bag type units. Fits 2" OD (Vacuum PVC Pipe). Overall size is 3-5/8"w X 4-5/8"h. Distance on the door flap is 2 3/4 inch. If you need a case, enter 40 for the quantity.
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5 Stars

Jun 15 2017 5:28AM
The vent door was easy to install and fit perfectly!

5 Stars

May 21 2015 8:07AM
The vent cover fits well as recommended! However it appears that a spring is required to give down force on the flap. If held partially open the turbo head runs better.

4 Stars
Jan 2 2015 11:41AM
Works fine, but after extreme heat throughout the summer the door warps. ( Indio, Ca. extended temps above 100 degrees, south facing ) Would be nice if it were made of Aluminium.

5 Stars
Sep 27 2014 8:01AM
Very Appreciative !! Worked great !! Thank You !!

4 Stars

Sep 3 2012 8:23PM
Excellent product/design. Would be nice if the vent door came in multiple colors (only option was white). Also, the door does not close properly. I called to let them know, that after use, their "brand new" vent door "sticks open". To my surprise, I was told to "lubricate it". My fear is, if this "brand new component" sticks now, what type of reliability lies down the road? Thank You (MD Notes: We contacted the customer and sent a replacement item at no charge.)