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Installation Tools & Wire for Your Central Vacuum

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Find Installation Tools & Wire for
Installation Tools & Wire for Your Central Vacuum

We have everything you need to install a central vacuum or retrofit your old one. Two inch outer diameter thin wall PVC vacuum pipe (and fittings) are standard in 99% of installations. If you have smaller pipe, there are pipe adapters below. Use standard PVC glue for pipe and fittings.

Our Installation home page is full of links on everything you need to know about installation.

Make your own Installation Kit by using the Installation Parts Guide to quickly figure out the supplies you will need for your specific installation.

All ASTM Standard F 2158-01 compliant for industry standard central vacuum pipe and fittings.

20-gauge Low Voltage Wire
Low voltage 20-gauge multi-thread separated-insulation wire for adding an additional central vacuum inlet or just to finish off a job. Available in varying lengths.
$3.30 - $44.56

Pipe Deburing Tool
Pipe Deburring Tool smoothes the end of the pipe from any burrs.

Clean Cut  Cutter BLADE (5-pack)
5-Pack Clean Cut Cutter Blade. Replacement blades for the Clean Cut Pipe Cutter.

Wheeler PVC pipe cutter
The Wheeler PVC Pipe Cutter is cleanest and most convenient way to cut PVC pipe! Use the detachable deburrer tool to smooth the edge and remove any spurs.

Wheeler PVC pipe cutter replacement blade
Wheeler PVC Pipe Cutter Replacement Blade. Blades sold individually.

Pipe Cutter
Slip the cutter over the pipe and spin to cut. This cutter is a Hayden Pipe Cutter and has "CANADA" labeled on it. Includes one blade.

PVC Wire Ties 100 count
The low voltage wire that is run along the pipe should be anchored to the pipe every 4 feet and at every joint with these wire ties.

Self Feed Drill Bit
Standard size, 2-9/16 inch bit is used with a powerful hole hog drill to create holes for the pipe runs.

Nail-on Safety Plates (sold in boxes of 100)
Nail-on Safety Plates are sold in boxes of 100 and are 1-1/2 in x 5 in. Use them to protect screws and nails from penetrating into the pipe.

Vacuum Waterlift Gauge 160
The Vacuum Waterlift Gauge 160 measures the sealed suction or waterlift when put on an opening of up to 2.25-inches.

Fire Stop Ring
3M Fire Stop Ring fits over the pipe and collapses the PVC pipe and wire when heated.

FireStop Ring by STI
FireStop Ring by STI was designed specifically for the central vacuum industry.