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Motor Brush (116336, 116757, 115757, 116212)

Motor Brush (motors 11-6336, 6757, 5757, 6212)

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Check every couple years and replace when down to 3/16".
How to Check and Replace Carbon Brushes.

Carbon Brush fits Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motors: 115744, 115757, 116116, 116207, 116210, 116212, 116227, 116299, 116309, 116311, 116312, 116336, 116392, 116429, 116520, 116757, 116758. (These motors are now replaced with the 119413.)

Color may vary.
SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, price is for a SINGLE brush.
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5 Stars

Apr 12 2018 8:59AM
i have had my MD model B2 central vacuum since 1984 and alway has work flawlessly and has never given me any trouble up until i was vacuuming and it seemed like the motor was slowing downing and speeding up so i went out to the garage and turned on the central vacuum and listened to the motors one was spinning like a to the other was spinning but slowed down so called up MD talked to a very helpful and friendly customer service representative who simply helped me out and with in a week later i had my new central vacuum brushes and cleaned up the comutator with 2000 grit sand paper and put the new brushes on the motor and have not had any issues i greatly recommend MD the are built to last

4 Stars

Oct 13 2016 6:07AM
I have never worked on a vacuum before, but after researching it seemed fairly simple. I was worried it might be the two motors that had burned out, but with further research I decided it would be easier and cheaper to order the carbon brushes first ($40 vs approx $300). I didn't even know what a carbon brush was, or that they needed replaced after a few years. I will admit I am a very handy lady, and would much rather try to fix something myself before paying someone else to fix it. After looking at youtube videos and finding a similar motor I took on the task. 30 minutes later I had installed 4 carbon brushes and the unit is working wonderfully (the first one was a little tricky, but after that it was one of the easier tasks I have ever undertaken). My only complaint is that two of the brushes were a little chipped up on the ends. I figure it might take a while before they begin to wear evenly. And that it took the parts too long to get here. But overall I'm very satisfied with the outcome.

4 Stars
Feb 18 2016 4:33AM
A little tricky to install, otherwise seem just fine.

5 Stars
Aug 15 2015 8:56AM
Worked perfect in a Croix 700/Graco 7 HVLP paint sprayer

5 Stars

Jan 28 2014 10:05AM
Fit and worked perfectly!

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