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Basic Inlets for Your Central Vacuum

Basic Inlets for Your Central Vacuum

All vacuum wall inlets on this page receive a 1-1/2" diameter hose end and fit into a 1-5/8" diameter hole in a mounting bracket inside the wall. Each inlet valve can be mounted with the lid opening up or down. Mounting screws are about 3-7/8" apart on center and included with the new wall inlet. Note: if you need valve covers with two small holes for 110 volts, please go to Electric Valves. Also, note that the FULL FACE style inlets below are the MOST DURABLE and replace oval and square styles.

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All rectangle shaped valves are interchangeable. There are two metal contact points inside the hole of each inlet valve below and two screws on the back side for the low voltage wire connection.

Replace 99% of older wall inlets (except ones activated by pressing copper or a button, or that have a 1-1/4" hose insertion hole vs a 1-1/2") with any of these rectangle valves.

Consider a Low Voltage Hose with handle on/off switch. Get the luxury of turning the vacuum on and off at the hose handle instead of running back to pull it out from the wall. All Low Voltage Hoses work with all inlets and vacuum systems. Have questions?