Utility Valve with Contact Points

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Utility Valve with Contact Points

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Valve fits into elbows and couplings that have a 2" inner diameter. The opening for the hose to go into is 1-1/2" inner diameter, and the widest diagonal section is 2.5 inches outer diameter. Low voltage wire is ran from the valve to the low voltage leads on any central vacuum allowing the on/off switch on the end of the vacuum hose to function properly.
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5 Stars

Apr 18 2016 1:50AM
Good customer service

5 Stars

May 12 2014 7:21AM
Added this utility valve to my system in the garage so that I could use my whole house system in the garage as well. We left it off in the initial design and it was easy to add it with a sweep T.

5 Stars
Aug 9 2010 10:00PM
Item is exactly as advertised. If you are looking to add a garage outlet near your central vacuum unit for cars or workshop cleanup, this is the product you are looking for.

4 Stars
Oct 3 2006 4:09AM