Full Switch Assembly for Low Voltage On-off Hose

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Full Switch Assembly for Low Voltage On-off Hose

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The entire switch assembly and wires are included - minus the handle. Used in Low Voltage on/off switch hoses that control the vacuum suction (not an electric power brush). Note that the #382H Handle and newer Low Voltage Hoses will also fit this by unsnapping the black switch from the gray plastic. (Older, pre-1999, low voltage hoses will require splicing in the older contact board or you can special order Plastiflex #SH130efhr01.)

This part replaces the 2-way switch assembly in hoses made by Plastiflex. Plastiflex hoses have a "P" within a circle molded into the wall end cuff. Most all hoses on the market are made by Plastiflex including Wessel, Stealth, Ace, Beam, Nutone, Vacuflo, AirVac, M&S, to name a very few.

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5 Stars

Mar 16 2016 4:33AM
This was a very easy replacement and fixed the problem I had.

4 Stars

Feb 28 2016 12:41PM
Satisfied with product and service. A little pricey

4 Stars
Apr 20 2015 7:15AM
Taking the old handle off was little more difficult than putting me one on. I used a little extra tape on handle as it did not click into assembly. But the kit works fine.

5 Stars
Mar 1 2015 1:38PM
Part was easy to install and works well.

4 Stars

Aug 19 2014 6:01PM
Switch works well and corrected the problem of vacuum shutting on and on. Changing out the full switch was relatively simple EXCEPT for the fact the screw to hold the handle on the hose was about two threads too short to secure the handle.