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Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motors for Your Central Vacuum

Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motors for Your Central Vacuum

How to find your motor. Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motors are used in almost every central vacuum and in many blower motor products. You can cross reference central vacuum motors by using a 4 or 6 digit number often found on the motor itself or buy looking up your brand and model on our Brand Pages.

Motor numbers and sizes. Motors here are either direct replacement motors, or upgrades for older (sometimes discontinued) units. Motors end in -00 (ex: 119413-00) unless otherwise noted. A -13 motor has an epoxy coating only needed by vacuums that involve water vapor. A -07 means the wire leads have some type of terminal end, which doesn’t matter since it is recommended to strip the wire and use wire nuts when replacing the motor. A -01 means there is a bearing instead of a bushing on the cooling fan. The measurements 7.2” & 5.7”, etc. are the diameter of the widest circular section of the motor.

Stock and shipping. All vacuum motors are brand new and complete as pictured. We have them in stock at our facility (other places make you wait while they special order them). Motors are extremely well packed for shipment. All motors have a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee and either a one year residential or 30 day commercial/industrial warranty. We also have excellent shipping to Canada.

How to Replace Your Central Vacuum Motor. First - turn circuit breaker off or unplug your vacuum. Then - loosen or remove the 2 or 3 screws holding the motor in place and disconnect the 2 or 3 wires. Replace with new motor and wires. New wires come attached to all motors. Click here for more detailed central vacuum motor replacement instructions.

We have a large inventory of motor brushes for central vacuum motors which are also used a blower motors. See here for our complete list of Motor Brushes for Lamb Ametek Vacuum Blower Motors