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122525 Lamb Vacuum Motor

4.50 Stars
4.50 / 5 Stars
122525 Motor for Vacuums and Blowers
  • 122525 Ametek Motor

Product Details

Our brand new (not rebuilt) Lamb Ametek 122525 Motor is a very common motor in many central vacuum brands and models. 122525 replaces 119956 and 119992 motors and is a Lamb Ametek original motor.

  • Fan Stages - 2
  • Bottom Diameter - 5.7"
  • Voltage - 120
  • Hertz - 50-60
  • Height - 7-1/2"
  • Bolt Height - 3"
  • Waterlift - 130"
  • CFM - 128
  • AirWatts - 574
  • Amps - 15.2
What to note: The 122525 motor may say 2525 or 12-2525.

What motors it replaces: Can replace 119956 motor (part #199A) and 119992 (all models such as 119992-01).

When to replace: The signs that a 122525 Lamb motor needs to be replaced include: mini breaker popping, electrical smell, excessive blue sparks seen from motor top, you only hear a click, motor shuts down on its own but works later, or its life of 900-1,200 hours has been used up. (If you don't hear a click, then your relay most likely needs to be replaced and your motor may be fine). Five percent of the time, the minibreaker will go bad as well as the motor. If this happens, replace the motor and then evaluate the mini breaker.

How to replace: It is not difficult to replace the 122525 Ametek Motor. There are three bolts and a couple of wires. All of our customers are amazed at how easy it is. NOTE: There is no core trade-in. Used motors are thrown away. Click here to read and print out our step-by-step motor replacement instructions. Note that if the unit bolts into metal brackets then the ground wire can be snipped. If plastic then attach the ground wire to the ground from the power cord or anywhere to metal on the unit.

Replacing motor brushes: The Lamb 122525 vacuum motor has carbon motor brushes that can be replaced. This should be done before a motor is "on its last legs." Read more about changing the motor brush on the detailed motor brush how-to page. If you are ready to replace your motor brushes, here is a link to the Ametek 122525 Motor Brush. You will need to buy two.
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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Oct 31 2018 9:40AM
Pretty much plug and play.......had some help from customer service to be assured of havimg the correct motor for my application......the young lady was very helpful in all regards...........this is my vacuum go to site!

5 Stars

Jan 18 2018 7:02AM
Glad MD supports their products with perfect fit replacement parts. Quick delivery and customer happy.

4 Stars
Feb 6 2017 10:23AM
my customer is very happy to have his vacuum working properly again, thanks.

5 Stars

Jun 2 2016 5:36PM
Instillation was easy, motor works great and my wife is happy.

5 Stars

May 7 2016 8:51AM
Arrived quickly, installed easily and worked perfectly, thx