ActiVac II Exhaust HEPA Muffler Filter

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ActiVac II Exhaust HEPA Filter
  • ActiVac II Exhaust HEPA Filter
  • made from the finest materials
  • activac fits all units

Product Details

Eliminate Central Vacuum Odors!
  • Purifies Exhaust Air
  • Muffles Vacuum Noise
  • Traps Unhealthy Particles
Homes with the ActiVac II Exhaust HEPA Filter are most clean and healthy, especially for asthma/allergy sufferers. ActiVac installs in seconds on all central vacuums and provides incredible results.

Made from the Finest Materials
HEPA Cartridge Filter, Charcoal Membrane, Metal Reinforced, Fully Sealed. Dimensions: ActiVac sticks out 6 inches from the vacuum unit and is 14 inches tall with the elbow attached to it. Vacuums that have a dusty exhaust may have to change ActiVac yearly.

Fits All Central Vacuum Systems*


INSTALLATION: ActiVac II attaches to the exhaust port using NO GLUE. The included connector fits on TWO INCH OUTER DIAMETER plastic or metal ports. Position filter up or down.

*Activac FITS ALL BRANDS AND MODELS such as Beam, Nutone, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, SilentMaster, AirVac, etc. ActiVac DOES NOT FIT "MD" with louvers around the front and back base, MD Model J requires a spigot sweep 90, Models SV and Flo-Master M92 have two exhausts requiring a spigot and regular sweep 90 and possibly other fits to allow the filters to sit upright. ActiVac does not fit AirVac all plastic models. Large homes with 30 amp units and two exhaust ports (such as SilentMaster Model S5) require two ActiVacs and more adapters. ActiVac will not work with units exhausted outdoors.
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Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

Oct 31 2016 12:18PM
ActiVacII muffler and filter kit.....I should have installed this when the unit was new, but I'm glad I did it now because I have NO MORE DUST going into my crawl space, the suction is the same as before, and it is even a little quieter. Great product!

5 Stars
Feb 3 2016 7:59AM
Great service - Excellent product.

5 Stars
Mar 10 2015 8:07AM
I am very impressed with this new option on my central vacuum system after using it for a major "Spring cleaning" project. I used my central vacuum system for over 4 hours and when I checked the basement area where the canister is located there was absolutely no dust on any of the surfaces or in the air. This filter will make it possible to use my central system without drilling an exhaust hole through my exterior wall and still maintain a dust free area in the basement. This product works!

5 Stars

Dec 17 2014 4:51AM
Product has cut down the light dust that my vacuum created in my utility room. Great fit to OEM product at a great price!

5 Stars

Mar 18 2013 5:50PM
Excellent product with fast S & H. Thank you for a smooth purchase.