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AstroVac Central Vacuum Units
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Central vaccums are a smart investment.
Using your AstroVac vac is proven to increase indoor air quality and reduce allergies! It's a smart investment.
How to Maintain Your AstroVac.

About AstroVac Central Vacuum

AstroVac is a trademarked brand name used by Lindsay Manufacturing. The central vacuum is very similar to their AstroVac brand. The all-metal AstroVac Central Vacuum unit has been made in Oklahoma since the late 1950's by the Lindsay family. Power unit model numbers typically begin with MK or SR and normally the motor is located at the top of the unit and it empties from below. Astrovac has also produced another brand over the years called Valet Central Vacuums.

Almost all AstroVac Central Vacuums have been built with quality Ametek Lamb-Electric motors which last for many years. With powerful suction, all the dirt and dust that gets picked up is completely removed from the living area and not redeposited back into the room; a great improvement for anyone with allergies. An AstroVac Central Vacuum makes cleaning so much easier, including staircases, furniture, hardwood and tile floors, corner cobwebs, and carpets.

The preferred filtration method for AstroVac is fully cyclonic which contains "no filters" but they have produced a series of units that empty from the top and have a disposable bag. The standard system relies on cyclonic action to spin the dirt out of the airstream while only light dust and air funnel up through the motor and out the exhaust. Please read the specific filtration instructions on the motor page for maintaining the filtration portion of your AstroVac.

Most AstroVac units built prior to 2000 do not have any utility hose valve on the front of the tank. Often the sole air intake into the unit is from the right side, and the exhaust port above it (on bottom-emptying units). On bagless AstroVac Central Vacuum Models, it is critical the exhaust line be routed to the outside of the building.

AstroVac attachments and accessories are fully compatible with the rest of the industry, including their pipe and fittings, inlets, motors, circuit boards, hoses, attachments, and power brushes with the exception of a few inlets identified in our notes on the inlet valve page.

Whether you are looking to repair your existing AstroVac Vacuum System or upgrade it to newer componentry, we can provide concise help and products drawn from our 55 years of experience and manufacturing in the central vacuum industry. You will find information on upgrading old inlet valves, troubleshooting and repairing the entire AstroVac System, and electronic and motor replacements. Also, many customers have asked questions that we have answered and posted for your reference.

Use 1000s of customer reviews as you evaluate which product is right for you. We help you with specific compatibility of most all components for your AstroVac Vacuum System. You should be able to replace or upgrade your hose, attachments, inlets, piping, fittings, motors, circuitry, filtration, and even your power unit. We include information on most all AstroVac Central Vacuum cleaner models produced over the years including the models listed here, making it easy to find what you need to repair your AstroVac Central Vacuum. If your home has no hoses or accessories, we suggest a complete attachment kit. A complete kit for your AstroVac Central Vacuum includes hose, vacuum head, wands, and accessories and works perfectly with the system. If you need help with your AstroVac System to repair it, we have a complete line of compatible products and extensive product information to assist you. Should your system have non-universal hoses or inlets, please contact our office for alternative ways to upgrade your system into the more readily available universal components.

If you can't find what you need, please contact us by phone or through the AstroVac Questions and Answers, and one of our helpful technical customer service representatives will point you in the right direction. We also have a large network of independent dealers that can assist you with your AstroVac Central Vac repair.

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Extremely pleased you carried the motor for our AstroVac (circa 1995). The service was excellent and was grateful for the detailed FAQ and instructions on your web site. Thank you.

- Ben B., Kerrville, TX

FREE 24-page homeowner's guide with your order for AstroVac (parts, upgrades, troubleshooting)

We Have Parts & Help for All AstroVac Central Vacuum Models

AstroVac Mark-1
AstroVac Mark-10
AstroVac Mark-15
AstroVac Mark-18
AstroVac Mark-23
AstroVac Mark-28
AstroVac Mark-29
AstroVac Mark-3
AstroVac Mark-32
AstroVac Mark-5
AstroVac Mark-6
AstroVac Mark-8
AstroVac Mark-I
AstroVac Mark-III
AstroVac Mark-V
AstroVac Mark-VI
AstroVac Mark-VIII
AstroVac Mark-X
AstroVac Mark-XV
AstroVac Mark-XVIII
AstroVac Mark-XXIII
AstroVac Mark-XXIX
AstroVac Mark-XXVIII
AstroVac Mark-XXXII
AstroVac MK-1
AstroVac MK-10
AstroVac MK-15
AstroVac MK-18
AstroVac MK-23
AstroVac MK-28
AstroVac MK-29
AstroVac MK-3
AstroVac MK-32
AstroVac MK-5
AstroVac MK-6
AstroVac MK-8
AstroVac MK-I
AstroVac MK-III
AstroVac MK-V
AstroVac MK-VI
AstroVac MK-VIII
AstroVac MK-X
AstroVac MK-XV
AstroVac MK-XXIX
AstroVac MKI
AstroVac MKIII
AstroVac MKV
AstroVac MKVI
AstroVac MKX
AstroVac MKXV
AstroVac P-120
AstroVac P-125
AstroVac P-225
AstroVac SR-14
AstroVac SR-22
AstroVac SR-34
AstroVac SR-36
AstroVac SR-38
AstroVac SR-40
AstroVac SR-40V
AstroVac SR-41
AstroVac SR-42
AstroVac SR-43
AstroVac SR-50
AstroVac SR-52
AstroVac SR-52H
AstroVac SR-54
AstroVac SR-60
AstroVac SR-61
AstroVac SR-72
AstroVac SR-73
AstroVac SR-82
AstroVac SR-83
AstroVac SR-86
AstroVac SR-88
AstroVac SR-89
AstroVac Valet AT-100
AstroVac Valet AT-120
AstroVac Valet ATQ-1500
AstroVac Valet ATQ-160
AstroVac Valet ATQ-180
AstroVac Valet ATQ-300
AstroVac Valet ATQ-4000
...and more!

Note: AstroVac is a currently a trademark of Lindsay Manufacturing and not a trademark of M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from AstroVac but are designed to complement an AstroVac Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not AstroVac and thus may alter the warranty provided by AstroVac.

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