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Carpet Brushes for Beam Central Vacuum

Electric Brushes
Electric Brushes

deeper, quieter cleaning

  • Activated by Electrical Motor
  • Require Electric Hoses
  • Best for Carpeted Homes
  • Quiet Operation
  • Excellent Carpet Grooming
  • More Air Flow, Deeper Cleaning
  • Picks Up Larger Items
Air Powered Brushes
Air Powered Brushes

cost-effective grooming

  • Activated by Air Pressure
  • Require Any Vacuum Hose
  • Best for Minimal Carpet
  • Less Expensive
  • Loud Operation Noise
  • No Electricity Needed
  • Compatible with All Hoses
Electric Powered Carpet Brushes for Beam
Stealth and Stealth Wand
The powerful Stealth Electric Vacuum Brush has an improved cord system, and the new wand hides the cord by integrating the cord into the wand. Fits older Stealth Hoses.

CT20 Electric Brush
CT20 Vacuum Brush (Ace replacement) is an excellent value electric beater brush with many great features.

EBK 360
EBK 360 electric brush is a great power brush for central vacuum systems. Replaces Miele Electro Plus, Airvac VM458, & Vacuflo Edge.

The Response CT10 QuietDrive Electric Brush and Wand can clean both hard floors and carpet. Includes options for wands. Check out the video.
$139.00 - $204.00

CT25 Response for Soft Carpets
The Response II CT25 Electric Brush is a powerful option ideal for soft, high-density carpets. Includes wands. Watch the video for more details.

All the power of your large carpet brush in a compact, easy-to-use, 6-inch wide vacuum. Perfect for stairs, sofa, cushions, dog beds, and more.

Replaces belt in Beam Rugmaster, Beam Rugmaster Plus, Beam Rugmaster II, Beam Classic, Beam 155301, BM1197, BM1176, and more.

Generic Cord for Electric Power Brush
Generic Power Brush Cord for many electric power heads. It has two wires and is 56 inches long but can be cut down.

CX1000 HAH Brush with Wand
The CX1000 is a new battery-powered vacuum brush that works effortlessly on all carpet types. Test drive it for 30 days.

Air Powered Carpet Brushes for Beam
Surface-Pro Brush
The Surface-Pro features a brand new design and industry standard accessories. Test drive it for 30 days

CX1000 HAH Brush with Wand
The CX1000 is a new battery-powered vacuum brush that works effortlessly on all carpet types. Test drive it for 30 days.

TurboCat Zoom Air-Brush for all Central Vacuums
TurboCat Zoom is an air-driven turbine vacuum that is quieter, has a longer lasting belt, and a newer look than the original TurboCat, yet works for the same applications.

TurboCat Air Driven Brush for all Central Vacuums
The TurboCat is a non-electric, air-driven turbine vacuum head for all central vacuums. Great for hard floors or light carpet cleaning applications. Two colors available.

The 6.25-inch wide Mini Hand Turbine air driven non-electric beater brush is helpful for cleaning stairs, furniture, cars, and more. Watch the video for more info.

The Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine is meant for cleaning stairs, furniture, and vehicle interiors.

Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tools
The Rug and Floor Combo Tools changes from a hard floor tool with bristles to a gliding carpet tool. Available in multiple styles.
$21.27 - $25.31

12-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels
This 12-inch Floor Brush with wheels is a great choice for versatility to quickly clean hard floors and rugs. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$17.75 - $22.33

Rug Tool with Tines
The Deep Pile Carpet Brush is designed to rake through the fibers of shag carpet that typically is very difficult to vacuum which makes it easy to vacuum up debris.

*Note: Beam Vacuum is a registered trademark of Electrolux Home Care Products , not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from Beam Vacuum but are designed to complement a Beam Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not Beam Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by Beam Vacuum.

Electric Power Brushes have More Air Flow, Less Moving Parts. The biggest difference between air driven brushes and electric brushes is the air opening size. How much air passes through the brush to the carpet is very important for cleaning. Air powered brushes, such as the Turbocat or Turbo Cat Zoom (or ANY brush that looks like them), have 4 times less air flow than an electric power brush (5/8 inch opening compared to 1-1/4 inch). The air powered brush requires a smaller opening to force air to spin a turbine and roller brush, but it means that less air and debris are able to pass through and consequently, less suction reaches the floor. Also, everything vacuumed up in an air driven brush is passed through the turbine fan blades, meaning that larger items can jam or even break the turbine. Electric brushes have a non-restrictive air passage, so more objects (including items like quarters and popcorn) are able to pass through without stopping or hurting a thing.

The Electric Advantage for Your Beam Vacuum. No matter how weak or strong your suction is, an electric brush will always have top performance because it is not relying on the air to spin it. Price is also a difference. While air driven brushes cost less, carpet is usually one of the largest investments homeowners make, making the up-front cost difference of an electric kit easily justifiable. Electric brushes are typically quieter and provide more consistent, deep cleaning because they are operated with an independent electric motor. On top of that, Stealth takes electric cleaning abilities even further with superior edge cleaning, 12 height adjustments, and lifetime belt warranty. If you want to upgrade to an electric brush you will also need an electric 110 volt hose as well. The most compatible and cost effective way to upgrade is buying a compatible Electric Kit for your Beam. Choose Attachment Kits in the menu.