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Parts for Electrolux Central Vacuum

Electrolux Central Vacuum Units
No matter how old or new your Electrolux Central Vacuum system is, we can help!
Central vaccums are a smart investment.
Using your Electrolux vac is proven to increase indoor air quality and reduce allergies! It's a smart investment.
How to Maintain Your Electrolux.

About Electrolux Central Vacuum

Electrolux has also produced other central vacuum brands over the years such as BEAM, Eureka, Aerus, and Centralux.

Trusted Brand Name

Electrolux, a long-standing leader in manufacturing household appliances, was also a leading central vacuum manufacturer until selling their central vacuum product line in 2018 to Canadian central vacuum company, Nuera-Air, who continues the line in North America today. The immense popularity of Electrolux products had no international boundaries, impressing over 40 million consumers in 150 countries with its quality workmanship. A trusted brand name, Electrolux continues to offer a long list of vacuum cleaning products other than central vacuums.

The Electrolux/Beam Connection

Electrolux has been in the business of developing and selling vacuum cleaners since 1912. In 1957, they premiered their first Electrolux Central Vacuum System units. More recently, in 2007, Electrolux aligned more closely with their BEAM brand and featured BEAM and Electrolux central vacuum brands under the new company name BEAM by Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems. Nuera-Air also acquired the BEAM brand alongside the Electrolux central vacuum brand.

Exact replacement for original 20yr. old Electrolux in-wall vacuum inlet. Replacement took 5 minutes with no problems. Now that's what I like.

Bob R.,Monroe,NY

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We Have Parts & Help for All Electrolux Central Vacuum Models

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Electrolux 1580
Electrolux 1590
Electrolux Afuera
Electrolux Centralux
Electrolux Centralux 1580
Electrolux Centralux 1590
Electrolux Centralux CV3291
Electrolux Centralux CV3391D
Electrolux Centralux CV91A
Electrolux Centralux E117A
Electrolux Centralux E130F
Electrolux Centralux E130G
Electrolux Centralux E177A
Electrolux Centralux ECV1590A
Electrolux Centralux ECV1690A
Electrolux CV3291
Electrolux CV3391A
Electrolux CV3391D
Electrolux E117A
Electrolux E130F
Electrolux E130G
Electrolux E177A
Electrolux ECV1590A
Electrolux ECV1690A
Electrolux PU3650
Electrolux PU3900
...and more!

*Note: Electrolux Vacuum is a registered trademark of A.B. Electrolux of Sweden, not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from Electrolux Vacuum but are designed to complement a Electrolux Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not Electrolux Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by Electrolux Vacuum.

No matter how old or new your Electrolux Central Vacuum is, we can help!

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