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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v

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Excellent replacement for all single motor 110 volt central vacuums with a separate relay/transformer/breaker or with a single control board. Some retrofitting may be required.

Compatible and Durable. This very durable, industry standard, Alutron control board contains a relay, transformer, 15 amp mini breaker, and two pairs of low voltage leads (wire set and black tower with flag terminals).

Installation. Circuit board control module is 2" high from board to top of reset button. The reset button and low voltage stems are threaded. When put through holes in the body of the vacuum, the two stems hold the board in place with two included thin mounting nuts. If you don't have a proper hole for installation you can use a drill and step bit to create proper holes. NOTE: It is recommended that an electrician should install this board. It should take them less than an hour.

Wiring. Click on the photo and print it to use as a wiring guide. The connections are 1/4" flag terminals. We recommend purchasing quarter inch female flag terminals to put on the motor and power cord wires, or buying our wire set with terminal ends and striping them into the wires with wire nuts. Wiring locations on the board:

  1. “LINE”: The 110 volt line (usually black) from the power cord
  2. “NTL”: The neutral wire from the power cord (usually white)
  3. “MOTOR”: Connect either wire from the motor to this contact
  4. “MOTOR”: Connect the other motor wire to this contact. Vacuum motors are polar neutral it doesn’t matter which motor wire goes to which motor board contact.
  5. Black Tower: The low voltage wires from the home will attach to the two 1/4 inch male flag connectors inside the black tower part of the board. It doesn’t matter which wire goes to which side.
  6. Yellow Wires: Attached to the board are low voltage wires that can ignored or go to an on/off low voltage switch on the side of the tank.

ATTENTION! Beam, Frigidaire, Eureka, Honeywell Control Board available HERE.
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Compatible with Fasco Central Vacuum.

Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars

Nov 18 2019 7:14PM
I had a 15 year old central vac with a bad circuit board. This replacement fit perfectly and worked well. Thanks

5 Stars
Nov 12 2019 5:14AM
Our electrician put in the new circuit board and the system is working like a charm. Thanks so much.

5 Stars

Nov 4 2019 5:29AM
Very pleased with the service that I received. Fast shipping, reasonable pricing and my central vac is up and running again, Yay!

5 Stars
Oct 18 2019 6:18AM
The replacement board looked way better than the original. It included pigtails for a local switch which the original did not. There was no support for the green/red led on the front but I don't think that worked anyway. The board was a perfect fit. I happily recommend to anyone needing parts. My Vac is a Hayden.

4 Stars
Sep 9 2019 7:23AM
Did not have a tracking no. into Canada but I did receive it and it worked like a charm. Thanks