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Flo-Master Central Vacuum - Replacement Units

  • dual debris intake
  • more sustained suction
  • less maintenance
  • open or closed bag
Find an independent dealer in your area to learn more about the Flo-Master Vacuum.
Quiet Operation
  • The Flo-Master operates at a quiet 62 dBA level.
Encasulated Micro-Filtration
  • The Flo-Master comes with TRU-SEAL, the complete dust and debris encapsulating, hypoallergenic, fully concealed filtration system.
Right for the Job
  • The Flo-Master is capable for homes up to 20,000 ft²
Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • Our Flo-Master units are designed and assembled in the USA with quality in mind. We work hard in producing a product that will last you a lifetime.
The Flo-Master is a compatible replacement for any make, model or year for Flo-Master Central Vacuums.

Just a few of the Flo-Master Units
that the Flo-Master replaces.

Flo-Master C650
Flo-Master F450t
Flo-Master F450t2
Flo-Master F600t
Flo-Master F600t2
Flo-Master F650t
Flo-Master F650t2
Flo-Master F700t
Flo-Master F700t2
Flo-Master M19
Flo-Master M31
Flo-Master M32
Flo-Master M34
Flo-Master M45
Flo-Master M60
Flo-Master M64
Flo-Master M72
Flo-Master M80
Flo-Master M85
Flo-Master M92