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TurboCat Vacuum Bumper - Also Zoom, TL210, TL2000

For Frigidaire

4.20 Stars
4.20 / 5 Stars

Product Details

Soft, durable, and perfectly form fitting, the Vacuum Bumper will protect your home from the common vacuum markings. Fits TurboCat, TP210 (all), TL2000, TurboCat Zoom & EX, as well as every central vacuum nozzle or head made for carpet use. Simply attach using included Velcro strips. Washable.
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Compatible with Frigidaire Central Vacuum.

Latest Top Reviews

5 Stars
Mar 2 2020 9:42AM
Instructions were easy to follow. The part fits great and protects furniture from damage

5 Stars

Nov 12 2019 7:08PM
I bought the vacuum bumper 3 weeks ago and I love it. I added extra velcro to make sure it stays in place. So far, it is working great and I no longer have to worry about dinging my baseboards.

5 Stars

Jul 31 2018 11:53AM
I like this so the power head doesn't mark up baseboards.

4 Stars

Nov 1 2017 10:17AM
Great for protecting furniture and baseboards.

4 Stars
Jan 30 2017 3:24PM
One of the velcro attachments was damaged, we worked around it, but the bumper does not fit as well as it should even if the velcro did work correctly.