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Standard Tools for Hoover Central Vacuum

Be sure you are getting the most from your integrated Hoover vacuum system by using these essential vacuum attachments and tools. They are the basics but they make the difference! Your Hoover central vacuum is very versatile - take advantage of it.

Standard Tools for your Hoover Central Vacuum
12-inch Scallop Carpet Tool for Central Vacuums
The 12-inch Scallop tools compact design makes it easier to work in small areas.

Crevice Brush Central Vacuum Accessory
The Crevice Brush has been shaped for the way people clean. Great for cleaning a variety of surfaces in your home. Available in White, Black, and Antimicrobial.
$12.63 - $15.22

Flex this tool in any direction as you insert it into tight cleaning places. Perfect for routine cleaning and maintaining of appliances.

12in Deluxe Central Vacuum Accessory Floor Brush
The high quality bristles make this attachment perfect for cleaning all tile, wood, marble, and many other types of floors. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$20.45 - $23.90

12-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels
This 12-inch Floor Brush with wheels is a great choice for versatility to quickly clean hard floors and rugs. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$17.75 - $22.33

14-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels
14-inch Wheeled Deluxe Hard Floor Brush makes cleaning hard floors and rugs quick and easy. Available in White, Black, and Antimicrobial.
$18.59 - $24.14

Axis Floor Brush
The Axis Clean-Agility floor brush makes it easy to clean hard floors with a 90-degree swivel neck. Perfect for all types of hard floors.
$29.55 - $39.25

Deluxe Dusting Brush for all Central Vacuums
This 3.5-inch wide brush is perfect for dusting and vacuuming all kinds of surfaces and hard to reach places. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$6.55 - $7.72

6-inch Upholstery Tool with Brush Strip
This small upholstery tool is perfect for small clean-ups, sofas, cars, stairs, and chairs. The removable bristle bar allows for more cleaning options. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$7.75 - $8.59

Round Dusting Brush
Every central vacuum needs a fresh round dusting brush on hand at all times for a deep and gentle dusting touch on all kinds of surface areas.

Crevice Tool
The Crevice Tool is great for vacuuming in very narrow places such as window tracks, behind the sofa, the carpet along the baseboard edge, and tight places inside the car.
$5.79 - $6.60

Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tools
The Rug and Floor Combo Tools changes from a hard floor tool with bristles to a gliding carpet tool. Available in multiple styles.
$21.27 - $25.31

Basic Floor and Carpet Tool
A single row of short tough bristles makes contact with the floor surface and a wide air channel provides effective air distribution for basic floor cleaning.

Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets
Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets are the homeowner's choice for central vacuum system care. Clear debris from the pipes and freshen the whole system.

Wand Wall Clamp
The Wand Wall Clamp is a real space saver. Attach it to your wall in order to store your vacuums or wands up off the ground.

Wire Hose Hanger
The Wire Hose Hanger is the perfect way to store your central vacuum hose and use the additional prongs to hang your tool caddy bags. Mount it on the wall for easy storage.

Easy Hose Tote
Get your central vacuum hose from the closet to the inlet in style with the easy-to-use and super convenient Easy Hose Tote.

19in Central Vacuum Chrome Extension Tube Wand
19-inch Chrome Extension Tube Wand friction locking without button locks for central vacuum. Use two or more for a variety of applications.

18-inch Plastic Wand
Connect several of these 18-inch Plastic Wands together to dust rooms with high ceilings. Use two for hard floor brushes. Available in White, Black, or Antimicrobial.
$4.35 - $5.75

*Note: Hoover Vacuum is a registered trademark of Hoover, not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from Hoover Vacuum but are designed to complement a Hoover Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not Hoover Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by Hoover Vacuum.