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Carpet Brushes for Kenmore Central Vacuum

Electric Brushes
Electric Brushes

deeper, quieter cleaning

  • Activated by Electrical Motor
  • Require Electric Hoses
  • Best for Carpeted Homes
  • Quiet Operation
  • Excellent Carpet Grooming
  • More Air Flow, Deeper Cleaning
  • Picks Up Larger Items
Air Powered Brushes
Air Powered Brushes

cost-effective grooming

  • Activated by Air Pressure
  • Require Any Vacuum Hose
  • Best for Minimal Carpet
  • Less Expensive
  • Loud Operation Noise
  • No Electricity Needed
  • Compatible with All Hoses
PowerMate Vacuum Replacement Parts for Kenmore
Original PowerMate Replacement Vacuum Brush with Wands NOT AVAILABLE

Central vacuum hose option for Nutone As of October 2015 the original Kenmore Power-Mate Central Vacuum Power Head was no longer produced, and stock was depleted. The best option for these power heads is to replace them with the updated version called the Ace Power Head. This is a better functioning, direct replacement for the Power Mate Vacuum. The other option is to replace the hose as well as the brush with a new electric kit such as the Stealth Kit, Complete 360, or Ace. Go to the Kenmore replacement kit page to see your options or give us a call and will gladly walk you through it without any pressure. Call 1-800-997-2278.
Hayden Super Hose Male Plug and Some Other Parts
As of October 2015 the original Hayden products and parts were no longer produced, and stock was depleted on nearly all items. Below is what remains available for now. The best option for these proprietary parts is to replace the entire hose and accessory set with a new complete, compatible, electric kit. Go to the Hayden replacement kits page to see all your options or give us a call.

Air Powered Carpet Brushes for Kenmore

*Note: Kenmore Vacuum is a registered trademark of Sears, not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from Kenmore Vacuum but are designed to complement a Kenmore Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not Kenmore Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by Kenmore Vacuum.

Electric Power Brushes have More Air Flow, Less Moving Parts. The biggest difference between air driven brushes and electric brushes is the air opening size. How much air passes through the brush to the carpet is very important for cleaning. Air powered brushes, such as the Turbocat or Turbo Cat Zoom (or ANY brush that looks like them), have 4 times less air flow than an electric power brush (5/8 inch opening compared to 1-1/4 inch). The air powered brush requires a smaller opening to force air to spin a turbine and roller brush, but it means that less air and debris are able to pass through and consequently, less suction reaches the floor. Also, everything vacuumed up in an air driven brush is passed through the turbine fan blades, meaning that larger items can jam or even break the turbine. Electric brushes have a non-restrictive air passage, so more objects (including items like quarters and popcorn) are able to pass through without stopping or hurting a thing.

The Electric Advantage for Your Kenmore Vacuum. No matter how weak or strong your suction is, an electric brush will always have top performance because it is not relying on the air to spin it. Price is also a difference. While air driven brushes cost less, carpet is usually one of the largest investments homeowners make, making the up-front cost difference of an electric kit easily justifiable. Electric brushes are typically quieter and provide more consistent, deep cleaning because they are operated with an independent electric motor. On top of that, Stealth takes electric cleaning abilities even further with superior edge cleaning, 12 height adjustments, and lifetime belt warranty. If you want to upgrade to an electric brush you will also need an electric 110 volt hose as well. The most compatible and cost effective way to upgrade is buying a compatible Electric Kit for your Kenmore. Choose Attachment Kits in the menu.