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Modern Day Central Vacuum Units
No matter how old or new your Modern Day Central Vacuum system is, we can help!
Central vaccums are a smart investment.
Using your Modern Day vac is proven to increase indoor air quality and reduce allergies! It's a smart investment.
How to Maintain Your Modern Day.

About Modern Day Central Vacuum

As the official manufacturer of MD Central Vacuums, we are your one stop shop for all central vacuum needs. Click the 'Dealers' link above to access our expansive dealer network that allows you to locate a company in your area that can provide services for any installations, repairs, or maintenance needs. All of the kit, hose, and accessory products listed on our website are compatible with your MD central vacuum system.

MD Manufacturing is known for quiet and powerful central vacuums designed and assembled in the USA. Since 1961, MD Central Vacuum has made quality and service the number one priority, MD's original vacuum line is the Modern Day Central Vacuum, otherwise known as "MD". The all steel, powder-coated unit was mainly colored blue, but in 2010, it went to a modern grey.

MD Manufacturing

Beyond residential installations and simple needs, challenges have been posed, and our ModernDay unit has become the solution. Within this line of powerful units, we have been able to address the need for more power, larger capacity, and extra durability to cover up to 20,000 ft2.

All Modern Day units are specifically engineered to separate the powerful Ametek motors from the by-pass cooling fans in order to prevent the unit from overheating. As a result, these central vacuums are able to perform at peak capacity efficiently and for longer periods of time. You will not lose suction power throughout the cleaning process. ModernDay also utilizes the Tru-Seal® Microfiltration System featuring a 5-ply, closed bag microfilter that holds 8-gallons of debris and effectively removes particles as small as .3 microns from the air stream without hindering vacuum performance. Virtually all particles are able to be disposed from inside your residence or commercial space, leaving a cleaner and healthier environment.

Our website provides a great overview for any knowledge you may need when it comes to your built in vacuum system. We have comprehensive guides teaching you how to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting. Read the central vacuum overview and then use thehomeowner's guide to thoroughly review the system. On top of that, if you place an order with us, you will receive a free, 24-page booklet full of parts, accessories, troubleshooting tips, and guides to understand the vacuum and how to maintain it.

We are confident and proud of the quality and durability of our Modern Day unit line. Our central vacuum units are backed by a 10 year warranty for trouble-free maintenance. We also offer interactive flowcharts for small troubleshooting issues you may encounter throughout your use. If there is no conclusive solution, our amazing customer service team is available to be of your assistance and provide you with the best solution to get your unit running properly and effectively.

If you can't find what you need, please contact us by phone or through the Modern Day Questions and Answers, and one of our helpful technical customer service representatives will point you in the right direction. We also have a large network of independent dealers that can assist you with a Modern Day central vacuum repair or new installation if needed.

Love my new MD and accessories. I`ve owned two other central vacuums, this far exceeds what I had before.

JoyceM. Vilonia,AR

FREE 24-page homeowner's guide with your order for Modern Day (parts, upgrades, troubleshooting)

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Modern Day M465h
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Note: Modern Day Vacuum is a registered trademark of M.D. Manufacturing, Inc.

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