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Vacuum Hoses for Nutone Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Electric Hoses
Electric Hoses

electric powered cleaning

Central Vacuum Low Voltage Hoses
Low Voltage Hoses

easy on/off button

Central Vacuum Basic Hoses
Basic Hoses

basic cleaning capabilities

Central Vac Stretch Hoses
Stretch Hoses

great for quick clean-ups

Central Vac Hose Socks
Hose Socks

protect your hose

Typical wall inlet styles used with your system that are hose-compatible. WE GUARANTEE the correct fit or we will make it right with you.
Central vacuum wall outlet plates that fit vacuum hoses.
Electric Hoses for Nutone

How to replace a Nutone Electric Hose
Both electric hoses below are compatible with all Nutone models. Start by simply choosing the color you like. Then on the hose details page choose the length and a corded or direct connect wall end. PLEASE NOTE: Nutone vacuum hose models CH310, CH335, CH515, CH520 take the corded hose. Nutone vacuum hose models CH510, CH615, CH620 take the direct connect hose.

Central vacuum hose option for Nutone If your vacuum head looks like this, you have the option of integrating the cord to the top wand so it is not dangling. Instead of having to plug the cord in by hand, it will simply slide in when connecting. All that is needed, besides any of the electric hoses below are the new upper wand and short cord conversion.

If you are looking to replace this vacuum head it is no longer available but the latest model is called the Ace and is available here. There is also a new full integrated wand available for the Ace that fits any of the electric hoses below. If you need any help please give us call. We have what you need.

Basic Hoses for Nutone
Thinking of Getting a Basic Hose?

Consider upgrading to a Low Voltage Hose for a few dollars more.

The Low Voltage Hose features:

  • Control Suction with On/off Handle Switch
  • 360 Handle Swivel Prevents Kinks
  • Air Flow Adjustability
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Full 3-Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fits All the Same Inlets as Basic Hose
Hose Socks for Nutone

*Note: Nutone Vacuum is a registered trademark of Nortek, not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from Nutone Vacuum but are designed to complement a Nutone Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not Nutone Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by Nutone Vacuum.

A new hose will bring your Nutone central vacuum to life. New hoses are significantly lighter, more durable, and provide more suction than ever before. Flexible, crushproof hoses make stiff and unruly Nutone vacuum hoses a thing of the past, and cleaning is more thorough and quick. See our Central Vacuum Hose Comparison Chart for overall hose differences. All hoses come with a 3 year warranty and a 30-day, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have an electric vacuum carpet brush you will need an Electric Hose. Otherwise, most systems benefit from a Low Voltage Hose. For easy storage and quick clean ups, a Stretch Hose works wonders as a secondary hose. Order online today or contact us directly. You may have an independent local dealer for product sales and information.