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The all-new Hyper-flow Bags are cloth-like (not stiff paper), providing highly efficient filtration up to .3 microns while the five layers of quilted material allow maximum sustained air flow. Genuine Hyperflow Bags are designed by MD for all MD open-top emptying central vacuums. MD Vacuum Hyperflow Paper bags work with ALL TOP FILTERED UNITS such as Silent Master, Modern Day, Flo-Master, and Air Force, as well as other elastic top opening, bag units. The newly designed Hyperflow Universal 8-gallon/12-gallon is shaped to maximize air flow, increase filtration surface area, and be more durable. It fits both old style support cloth bag and newly designed support bag. When it comes to motor protection, avoid cheaper filter brands. Your integrated MD Vacuum works best with genuine OEM Hyper-flow Bags made to fit and filter properly. Other bags have 2-layers and lower quality material, the new Hyperflow Bag has 5-layers of top-grade filtration material. Silent Master, Modern Day, MD, Air-Flo, and Air-Force central vacuums will perform better and have longer motor life.

These bags fit vacuums UNDER 34 inches tall (total length top to bottom) and replaces 8-gallon Bags 720H-5, 720-5 and 12-gallon Bags 721H-5, 721-5. Although this bag may seem big, it was designed this way. Our bag has more area to filter air. After inserting the bag open it up inside the vacuum by pushing down and out around the sides.

Compatible with the following units:
ModernDay: A, B, B2, J, K, SR, M465h, M575h, and M615h (all 110 & 240 volt "2" units)
Flo-Master: M19, M31, M32, M34, M45, M64, M72, M85, M92, F450t, F600t, F650t, and all units under 34 inches tall (all 110 & 240 volt "2" units)
Air-Flo: CFM-2 and all units under 34 inches tall
Air-Force: All units, even units over 33 inches tall.

Other Brands: Hyperflow Paper Bags are also compatible with Action, Brute, Pow-R-King, Sequoia, Star, Stor-Vac, Thoromatic, and others that require an open top bag with elastic.

Purchase all filtration parts.
The filter bags have an elastic top that folds over a cloth support bag. Below the support bag is a mesh filter that protects the motors in case dirt gets past the filtration system. Both the support bag and the mesh filter can be easily cleaned by beating them out, but they are also replaceable. Click here for the complete filtration set: filter bags, cloth support and mesh secondary filter. Start completely fresh with all new filtration!

Elastic top bag. Comes in a 5-pack. Replaces EnviroCare MD 8 Gallon Bags MD814.

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Compatible with Pullman Central Vacuum.

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