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Helpful Accessories for Silent Master Central Vacuum

New vacuum accessories make cleaning each surface of your home easier and they also clean more effectively than older vacuum tools. If you own a Silent Master central vacuum, these accessories will be compatible with 99% of all Silent Master Systems. Choose from our wide selection of high quality, durable accessories to improve deep cleaning with your Silent Master. We have several different categories of vacuum accessories to choose from, and all these standard and unique tools come with a 30-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. There is no tax outside California and Florida, and shipping is free over $75. We highly recommend a new hard floor brush such as the Spin-Pro, Axis or Manta in our Hard Floor Section.

This unit takes care of our 3700 sq ft two story home excellently. The bag is easy to change when needed. Wall couplings combined with baseboard devices makes cleaning the house a breeze.

- CTR - Florence, OR

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