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SilentMaster Central Vacuum - Replacement Units

  • True 8-gallon capacity
  • Tru-Seal Filtration
  • Industry-best warranty
  • Bagged or bagless
Find an independent dealer in your area to learn more about the Silent Master Vacuum.
Quiet Operation
  • The Silent Master operates at a quiet 62 dBA level.
Encasulated Micro-Filtration
  • The Silent-Master comes with TRU-SEAL, the complete dust and debris encapsulating, hypoallergenic, fully concealed filtration system.
Right for the Job
  • The Silent Master is capable for homes up to 20,000 ft²
Designed and Assembled in the USA
  • Our Silent Master units are designed and assembled in the USA with quality in mind. We work hard in producing a product that will last you a lifetime.
The Silent Master is a compatible replacement for any make, model or year for SilentMaster Central Vacuums.

Just a few of the SilentMaster Units
that the Silent Master replaces.

SilentMaster S1
SilentMaster S1 Foreign
SilentMaster S2
SilentMaster S3
SilentMaster S4
SilentMaster S44
SilentMaster S460r
SilentMaster S5
SilentMaster S500r
SilentMaster S560r
SilentMaster S560r2
SilentMaster S720r2
SilentMaster S900r
SilentMaster S900r2
SilentMaster SP2
SilentMaster SP22
SilentMaster SP3