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Attachment Kits for Vacuflo Central Vacuum

Attachment Kits

A Better Way to Clean Your Home
Our central vacuum kits come with a wide variety of high-quality accessories that will make cleaning every part of your home easier and more efficient than ever. Plus, you'll receive one of our powerful, ultra-lightweight, crushproof hoses. So, don't just buy a new brush head, get a complete kit to get the most out of your powerful central vac system.
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Compatibility Guaranteed
All of our central vacuum kits are fully compatible with your current central vac system. And, if it doesn't fit, we will make it right on our dime. Each kit has a 30-day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Electric Kits
- deeper, quieter cleaning
Air Kits
- cost-effective grooming
Battery Kits
- electric power, no wires
Electric Powered Vacuum Kits for Vacuflo

Deeper Clean + Healthier Home with an Electric Powered Vacuum Kit
An electric power brush deeply cleans your carpets providing higher quality indoor air due to the fact that much more air reaches the floor and pulls up more dust, dirt, and debris. Combine that with the fact that the bristles are allowed to dig deeper into the carpet due to the power of an electric vacuum brush. Agitation happens further down, more air reaches embedded dirt, and the end result is a super clean carpet. By contrast, any air driven turbine vacuum cannot clean this deep. Electric vacuum heads are also much quieter, can vacuum up much larger items without jamming, break less belts, and have more features. How is the electricity is supplied? The lightweight hose has small wires running through the outer hose layer. You'd honestly never know it. Full Details on Upgrading to an Electric Kit.

Electric Kits are Compatible with Your Vacuflo Vacuum
It truly is as simple as "plug-and-play" with any Vacuflo make, model, or year. Nothing has to be modified in your system to have an electric power brush kit. If it doesn't fit, we will make it right on our dime. Take a moment to read the kit overviews and reviews and take a look at the Electric Kit Comparison Chart. Each kit has a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Test drive a kit for 30 days!

Direct Connect Hose and Corded Hose
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Direct Connect or Corded Hose
Available for Electric Kits
Air Powered Vacuum Kits for Vacuflo
Air Powered Turbine in Central Vacuum Air Kits

Why Air Kits?

The most effective air driven vacuums have a turbine (pictured) that utilizes the vacuum's suction to spin a belt and roller brush to effectively groom the carpet. A vacuum that simply glides over the carpet top is not moving fibers, getting deep down dirt, or lifting debris effectively. We highly suggest the owning central vacuum tools that clean your home well and keep you healthy. Take it one step further and we highly suggest spending a bit more for an electric power brush kit if you have room to room carpet or carpet. Electric grooms deeper than air versions and are much quieter. However, an air kit may be right for you and offers a cost-effective way to groom carpets and throw rugs that don't get much use. Note that some air kits below do not have turbines and do not groom. These are best for hard floors, not carpet.

Compatible with Your Vacuflo Vacuum?
YES! These kits are "plug-and-play" with any Vacuflo make, model, or year. If it doesn't fit, we will make it right. Take a moment to read the kit overviews and reviews and take a look at the Air Kit Comparison Chart. Each kit has a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.

*Note: Vacuflo Vacuum is a registered trademark of H-P Products, not M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. Products sold by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. are not from Vacuflo Vacuum but are designed to complement a Vacuflo Central Vacuum. Therefore, parts and products carry warranties from MD Manufacturing and not Vacuflo Vacuum and thus may alter the warranty provided by Vacuflo Vacuum.